Swelling of the mammary glands during pregnancy

On what term of pregnancy do mammary glands swell?

The reason for the swelling of the mammary glands is female sex hormones - estrogen and progesterone. Under the action of hormones, the female breast during pregnancy not only grows, but can also change pigmentation. Thus, the nipples become slightly darker, and prominent convex nodules can appear on their surface.

In addition, swelling of the mammary glands is often accompanied by a discharge of fluid that has a whitish, transparent or yellowish color - the so-called colostrum. These secretions serve as precursors of the appearance of milk and can be released by small droplets from the breast after the sixth month of pregnancy. If such discharges give you inconvenience, you can use special panty liners, which are sold in the pharmacy. They are comfortable and invisible, they can be used both during pregnancy and after childbirth.

Also, during pregnancy, you should always go to the doctor's examination-the mammologist. He will examine your mammary glands if you need to send for ultrasound and help prevent or detect pathology in the early stages. In addition, a gynecologist or mammologist should explain to a future mother, how to care for the breasts during pregnancy, how to avoid injury to the nipples when feeding the baby and prevent milk stagnation.

At home, to avoid painful sensations when swelling of the chest, you can just take a contrast shower, directing a cool jet of water to the chest. In addition, even from the first days of pregnancy, you can do light gymnastics, which helps strengthen the muscles of the chest. It will also be superfluous to use a special cream that prevents stretch marks on the chest and supports the natural form. Do not forget to buy a bra from natural fabrics, so as not to injure sensitive nipples.

In conclusion, I want to note that with the slightest change in the breast, do not panic and write yourself unthinkable diseases. Soberly and reasonably approach this situation: re-read the article, consult with an expert, resort to some procedures and be healthy!

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