Swimming pool for pregnant women

Can pregnant women swim in the pool?

Advantages of employment in the swimming pool for pregnant women

We all know perfectly well that when immersed in water, the body acquires ease and weightlessness. Therefore, pregnant women, especially in the last months of pregnancy, immersion in water helps to relieve the spine and muscles from the load a little, relieve the pain in the lower back and reduce the pressure on the joints. In addition, with the resistance of the body to water, there is an easy and pleasant massage of the external and internal organs of the small pelvis, as well as the muscles of the entire body of the pregnant woman. Also, classes in the pool are recommended for those women who are faced with the problem of edema. It is important to note that those mothers who regularly visited the pool during pregnancy after childbirth have no problems with lactation, thanks to the inflow of blood to the chest and heart during swimming. And of course, due to the resistance of movement in the water, the energy consumption increases, which helps to keep the optimal weight and not get better.

A huge benefit to the body of a pregnant woman brings diving, because with a delay in breathing, your baby activates all of its reserves and gets used to the lack of oxygen. This is very useful during labor and labor, when oxygen does not flow to the child.

It's not a secret that swimming in the pool is an excellent solution for tempering the body. Therefore, those future mothers who chose the pool are less likely to get sick and successfully strengthen their immunity.

As for psychological health, classes in the pool also help to relax, relieve fatigue and tension. Staying in water, a pregnant woman balances her psychological state, gets rid of fears, in a word - meditates. Psychologists recommend to remember those sensations of ease and peace, who visit you in the pool and remember this condition during labor and childbirth.

In addition to all of the above, classes in the pool - this is an excellent opportunity to talk with the same future mothers, discuss their problems, make friends.

Activities in the pool: what you need to know?

Note that the best time to practice in the pool is 30-45 minutes. In this case, the water temperature should be at least 27-29 degrees, so as not to provoke the body's subcooling.

If during the class you feel uncomfortable: frozen, increased pressure, your pulse becomes more frequent, or your head dizzy, then stop immediately.

For pregnant women in the pool, special group sessions are provided, which is carried out by an experienced instructor, and also a nurse is present. Thus, you can not worry about your health, as the instructor will pick up the optimal load for you, and the nurse will monitor your health condition. Also, pay attention to how to purify the water in the chosen pool. Especially for pregnant and infants, the pool water should be cleaned without the use of chlorine.

For lessons in the pool, you need to take a certificate of health at the therapist and gynecologist. Also, for lessons in the pool, buy a comfortable swimsuit, rubber slippers, a hat. Going to the pool, take with you a light snack - after swimming you will want to eat.

Who is contraindicated in the pool?

Some pregnant women, alas, you can not visit the pool, because in the presence of the following diseases, activities in the water can exacerbate the condition and harm both the future mother and the baby. So, the pool is categorically contraindicated:

  • in case of severe toxicosis;
  • in case of habitual miscarriages;
  • with uterine bleeding;
  • with systematic pain after training in the water;
  • with preeclampsia and eclampsia;
  • for blood diseases;
  • with chronic appendicitis;
  • during an acute illness;
  • for infectious and skin diseases;
  • for fear of water.

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