Symptoms of miscarriage

How to recognize the symptoms of a beginning miscarriage?

Symptoms of miscarriage


We all know that during the period of bearing a child, there should be no monthly periods. That's why you should be alerted even by a small spot of blood on your underwear, if you are sure that you are pregnant. Moreover, even if the discharge vaguely resembles the blood, but more like a brown "daub" - immediately consult a doctor.

severe pain in the back and abdomen

The most common sign of miscarriage is severe back pain, which can be even more intense, than with menstruation. There may also be painful spasms in the lower abdomen, in which breathing difficulties often occur. Here, too, one should not suffer pain, and even more so, do not "jam" her medication. The only correct solution is to immediately call an ambulance.

"contractions" during miscarriage

Contractions that indicate an impending birth are usually very painful and occur approximately every 5-20 minutes. Contractions, which are a sign of miscarriage, differ from generic ones only in that they arise in the early stages of pregnancy. Therefore, if you have noticed that frequent and severe cramping pains are repeated every 20 minutes, or less often, immediately call for an ambulance. Remember that with timely access to medics, doctors can stop premature birth and keep pregnancy.

weakness, dizziness, and poor health

If you do not get it right or wrong, dizziness, general weakness, vision drop - consult a doctor immediately. Especially dangerous if all the above symptoms do not disappear for a long time. Be sure to go through the examination to find out the cause of these unpleasant sensations and find out how to get rid of them.

Speaking about the symptoms of miscarriage, it is important to note the reasons for the termination of pregnancy in the early stages. After knowing the main reason, you can avoid the undesirable process.

The main causes of miscarriage

Genetic pathology in the embryo

Unfortunately, Statistics show that approximately & frac34; miscarriages occur due to genetic pathologies of the embryo. And the mechanism of occurrence of these deviations to the end has not been studied. Physicians tend to the fact that a healthy development of the fetus is affected by many factors: ecology, viruses, radiation effects, etc., which are very difficult to control. That is why recently couples who plan pregnancy, first of all, are examined by geneticists.

Hormonal imbalance in a future mother

Lack of progesterone can significantly affect the overall course of pregnancy until the appearance of symptoms of miscarriage. That is why it is very important to detect the disease in time and prevent undesirable consequences.

In addition to the above reasons for miscarriage, the emergence of Rh-conflict, infectious diseases and the presence of chronic diseases of the mother can significantly affect the development of pregnancy. Remember also that exhausting physical activity, extreme stress and trauma can be the main cause of miscarriage. Therefore, be attentive to your own organism - this will allow you to endure a healthy baby without any deviations in health.

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