Symptoms of pregnancy in the early days

Symptoms of pregnancy in the first days and at week 1

Of course, you can not say that you will notice the changes almost in a few hours after sexual intercourse. But after some time the body will gradually begin to be reconstructed under the new regime to ensure the preservation of the fetal egg and favorable conditions for its development. Symptoms of pregnancy in the first days are not expressed and not always, nevertheless, some of them are particularly sensitive and attentive woman is able to recognize.

Bloody discharge

On the 6th-12th day after conception, a woman can observe small bloody discharge. These can be ordinary leucorrhoea with blood or blood veins, as well as creamy discharge of yellow, beige or pinkish hue. The penetration of blood cells into the vaginal discharge is explained by the implantation of the fetal egg: just at this time it reaches the uterus and makes its landing. To attach to the surface of the blastocyst, he scraps a small depression in the uterine epithelium to let his roots in here. Lean bleeding can resume in the days of increased activity of the fetal egg. Very often women take them for the beginning of regular menstruation.

It should be noted that this symptom is not observed in 100% of cases. Then the conception of pregnancy can indicate other symptoms of pregnancy in the early days.

Symptoms of acute respiratory disease

At about the same time, you may feel unwell. Unsuspecting woman is confident woman: she has a cold. Against the background of increased body temperature there is a runny nose, sore throat, body aches, severe physical fatigue. Attacks of heat are replaced by chills, a woman can not keep warm, and suddenly she has nothing to breathe.

Well, if you are not used to treatment or prefer harmless folk methods (warm tea, bed rest), because drugs can damage the baby's future and even cause a miscarriage at an early age.

This "disease" in the first days of pregnancy is understandable: body temperature rises under the influence of progesterone, the level of which in the blood with the onset of pregnancy intensively increases. Other symptoms are associated with the temporary loss of immunity, which is necessary to fix the fetal egg: The female body perceives it as an alien body and tries to get rid of the "invader". Reducing the protective functions of the mother helps the future baby to get accustomed to the uterus.

Drowsiness and fatigue

Simultaneously, symptoms of general fatigue are attached. Some women feel the most real physical and moral exhaustion: they are exhausted, constantly want to sleep, even apathy may develop. The dream becomes stronger from the evening and interrupted by night and morning. Sometimes it seems impossible: sometimes you did not sleep at all during the night.

These symptoms are observed in the first days after conception and are also due to the activity of progesterone and the tremendous work that your body began with the change in its condition. The mood at times can be absolutely bad: associates notice, that you began to break out over trifles, and this, of course, irritates you even more. After the second month, the situation should change: to stimulate the psyche to take care of estrogen, the level of which will increase with the increase in the period.

Nausea and vomiting

Not in the first place, but still very often find their expression these symptoms of pregnancy in the early days. A woman turns around not only from smells, but even from thoughts about some products. Taste and olfactory preferences abruptly change.

Poor health and increased salivation may be mistaken for poisoning, especially if vomiting is added to them.

All these reactions are protective and do not carry any threat, if expressed slightly. In the case of large losses of saliva and often repeated vomiting, the condition of the future mother deteriorates, which also has a negative impact on the development of the fetus. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss this issue with your doctor.

The opposite turn of events is also possible: the woman's appetite is so improved that it can even frighten her. And usually you want something concrete, often - not combined with each other.

Changes in the breast

In many women, the breast swells and becomes more sensitive each time before the menstrual period. But with the onset of pregnancy, you note that this time everything is not as usual. The sensitivity is increased so that any touch to the chest causes pain and discomfort. The breast itself becomes very heavy, and even the nipples and areoles may darken.

It is possible and the opposite effect: extremely sensitive before every menstruation of the chest this time does not hurt surprisingly.

Changes in the uterus

Of course, sensations in the uterus are also present. It swells and increases in size due to a sharp increase in blood circulation. These changes are quite noticeable, women note the feeling of bursting from the inside. The uterus can ache and tingle, and often there are drawing pains.

Other pains and disorders

In general, with the onset of pregnancy, almost anything can hurt, and this disgrace will continue throughout the child's bearing. Very often, future mothers complain of pain and back and back lumbago, giving in the coccyx. Feet, head, teeth can hurt. What can we say about chronic sores, which with the onset of pregnancy crawl out like mushrooms after the rain. Limbs can swell a little, pressure decreases, dizziness and fainting are possible.

Increasing urination

In addition to the whole picture, you are still starting to run to the toilet, including at night. It will not always be so, but in the first trimester, such symptoms are frequent.

With the onset of pregnancy, urges noticeably more frequent, but at the same time are not accompanied by "pathological" symptoms: burning and cuts in the lower abdomen. If you feel pain against the background of increased urination, it is likely that the urinary infections have become more acute. You should check with your doctor!

Basal temperature

And finally, with what we started. By measuring the basal temperature, you will definitely determine the onset of pregnancy in terms of indicators. If conception has occurred, the basal temperature in the phase of the yellow body is held at elevated elevations and does not fall. About pregnancy with a high degree of probability can be said, if the indicators will remain at 37, 1-37, 3 C for at least 18 consecutive days.

A characteristic symptom of pregnancy is the so-called implantation of temperature westernization: against a background of increased indices, BT falls one day, then returns to recovery.

With the onset of delaying menstruation, suspicion of pregnancy naturally increases. Do a pregnancy test, after repeating it in a few days, to make sure the results are correct.

I want to note that it is not necessary, that you will observe one or more of these signs. It is possible that the symptoms of pregnancy in the early days specifically in your case will be different. Some women notice reddening of the face (especially in the evening), others have thrush or hemorrhoids, others experience bloating and suffer from constipation. All individually.

If pregnancy in your case is confirmed, we wish you to tolerate a healthy baby easily and without complications!

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