Tansy during pregnancy

Tansy in pregnancy - benefits, contraindications and risks of use

Tansy belongs to a group of toxic plants, which, nevertheless, are very widely used in folk medicine. Mainly, recipes with tansy are used to get rid of worms due to its poisonous properties, and also help in the fight against other parasites and insects. Concentration of venom in tansy is high enough to destroy parasites, and at the same time in therapeutic doses is safe for a person with stable immunity. In addition to antimicrobial and antiparasitic properties, tansy exerts other effects on the body.

Not the best of them during pregnancy can be the effect of plants on the work of the cardiovascular system: tansy can slow down the heart and increase blood pressure.

But the most dangerous during pregnancy, the property of tansy is her ability to tonify muscle tissue. It is very successfully used in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (when it is necessary to activate muscular musculature and strengthen the secretion of the stomach), but when bearing a child is extremely dangerous. The tanned uterus begins to contract, which can result in spontaneous miscarriage or premature birth. Therefore, tansy during pregnancy is strictly contraindicated!

Even non-pregnant women need to adhere to recommended dosages and in no case exceed them, because the plant is toxic. Because of this, it is also contraindicated for children, and with increased acidity of the stomach and hypertension with it should be extremely cautious. Tansy can not be taken for a long period of time. In general, an interesting detail was noticed: tansy is more effective in treating men. In folk medicine, with the help of tansy, a variety of ailments have been treated for a long time: gastritis, colitis, cholecystitis, hepatitis, enterobiasis, poor appetite, ascariasis, hypotension, increased nervousness, colds, painful periods and headaches, epilepsy, hypochondria, gout, rheumatism, intoxication, insomnia and others.

But, unfortunately, for tanning during pregnancy, tansy is in no way suitable. Is it only for external use, but it is better not to risk and consult on this matter with your doctor or a leading gynecologist.

I want to note that relying on the ability of tansy to bring the uterus in tone and resort to it as an abortifacient remedy is not worth it. It is not necessary that the reception of tansy will end with miscarriage, and the surviving baby such stress can not affect the best way. But also you should not be horrified, if by ignorance you took tansy during pregnancy: there is no guarantee of negative impact on the fetus in this case. But from now on, be more prudent and careful in everything.

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