Tattoos and tattoo during pregnancy

Can I make tattoos and tattoo during pregnancy?

Risk one: painful sensations

Pain refers to the reaction of the body (its nerve cells) to a dangerous stimulus. The only pain that is not associated with the human brain with death is the generic one. All other painful sensations are a manifestation of the instinct of self-preservation. When there is pain in the body, certain mechanisms, supporting systems and organs are triggered. Pain causes adrenaline to be produced. In this case, its amount significantly increases compared with the indicators in the absence of pain.

During the tattoo session, you can be offered pain medication, which acts locally. But how it affects the baby - no one knows. In addition, even the slightest painful sensations pose a danger to the fetus. Many cases have been described, when the usual toothache was perceived by the "pregnant" organism as a real danger to the life of the mother, as a result of which the mechanism of labor for the fetus was released.

Note that in the early stages of pregnancy the pain threshold can change significantly. Therefore, if earlier you felt quite comfortable in the tattoo artist's chair, then, being in an "interesting position", even the slightest touch of a needle can be perceived as an infernal pain. Confirmation of this will be numerous reviews of "experienced", set out on the Internet.

The risk of the second: the composition of coloring pigments

Despite the fact that the modern colors used for tattooing and tattooing are characterized by a less aggressive composition, they can not be absolutely safe. Such a serious irritant, as the paint for tattoo, embedded in the tissues of a pregnant woman, always represents a risk to the fetus. The most simple reaction to such a procedure can be an allergy, which must be eliminated afterwards using antihistamines. And we know that the drug load during pregnancy is undesirable. Well, if anaphylactic shock develops against the background of an allergy, then what? Here, one can rely only on higher powers to save the life of the mother and child.

The risk of the third: changes in the hormonal background

It's no secret that during the period of bearing the features of the face and figure of a woman, women significantly change. They become more rounded due to the deposition of additional fat reserves, required during the feeding of the baby. When the tattoo is applied to the already "recovered" face or body, the effect will be far from what you expected. After delivery, the stretched skin will "move" the pattern, and the tattoo will look ridiculous, to put it mildly. Therefore, it is better to avoid any radical changes in your appearance during the period of bearing the baby.

Another fact: a true tattoo artist with a medical education will never agree to make a tattoo for a pregnant woman! Therefore, when you go to a clinic or salon where you are assured that such a procedure is absolutely safe for the fetus, weigh the pros and cons. Read the reviews of those women who used the service of such charlatans, and make sure that most of them were unhappy with the results. Too high risk for flaunting trendy tattoos during pregnancy. Therefore do not test your health for strength and refuse to apply any, even a temporary drawing on the body, until your baby is born.

We hope that our arguments will help you make the right decision!

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