Tea tree oil during pregnancy

Tea Tree Oil in Pregnancy - Benefits, Contraindications and Risks of Use

In this article we will acquaint you with all the advantages and disadvantages of applying tea tree oil during pregnancy. To begin with, it should be noted that this is an amazing product, but all of its properties are still little known in Russia and CIS countries.

Modern medicine does not stand still and some gynecologists boldly recommend tea tree oil during pregnancy. They say that this effective tool has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and universal effect.

Future mothers should strongly limit the intake of medications, because this is highly undesirable for the child. Therefore, tea tree oil is often used by pregnant women to prevent or treat respiratory diseases. It is especially useful for those who carry a child in the autumn-winter period of the year. It is also good to use oil to process the rooms where the future mother lives. In this case, an excellent antiseptic will be just a few drops of essential oil.

You can use tea tree oil and to treat thrush in pregnant women by douching. Also, aromatherapists are sure that the natural components of the oil will help women who are carrying a baby, with pains in the back, waist, with nausea, constipation and varicose veins.

The aroma of tea tree oil soothes the female body as a whole, so it's easy to calm down and find harmony, which is important in a state of pregnancy. In any case, before applying tea tree oil, you need to consult a doctor, because aroma therapy should be an absolutely safe procedure for the health of the child and mother.

At the same time, it is strictly forbidden to apply tea tree oil orally. After all, it, like all essential oils, has the property of accumulating in adipose tissue and this can have a negative impact on the baby's future.

You should also limit the use of this oil for self-massage. In this procedure, significantly reduce the amount of essential oil applied to the body. If any skin rashes, redness or severe itching appear, immediately stop using even the most useful remedy.

In principle, the use of tea tree oil during pregnancy has more advantages than disadvantages. For example, to the beneficial properties of this tool, you need to add something else that it will help get rid of fungal diseases. To obtain the desired effect, take a special foot bath with the obligatory addition of lavender oil, patchouli, tea tree, medicinal camomile, St. John's wort.

In addition, many pregnant women have a problem with their teeth and can develop stomatitis. To treat this trouble, tea tree oil is also suitable. Smooth your mouth with ordinary boiled water with the addition of just two drops of tea tree oil, sage and myrrh. Thus, all the sores will heal much faster.

The use of tea tree oil in pregnancy in many cases depends on the condition of the woman and her individual tolerability of all components. While pregnant, always follow the principle of choosing what is best for your future baby.

Be healthy, and if you are being treated, then do it right!

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