Tearfulness in early pregnancy

Tearfulness in early pregnancy

Why future mothers often cry

In the body of any person for the allocation of tears meets the hormone prolactin. But in women its number is several times larger, than in men. Therefore, they tend to cry more often than the representatives of the stronger sex. Sometimes it seems from the outside that they are crying for no reason.

During pregnancy in the female body, the hormonal background changes. And this is especially noticeable in the very early days of bearing a child. Hormonal changes are manifested with dejection, touchiness, and sometimes with tearfulness. After all, the work of the nervous system is also disrupted. A woman takes offense more often than before, becomes vulnerable, painfully perceives something she would not have paid attention to before. Also, the weakening of the nervous system is manifested by rapid fatigue, drowsiness, memory impairment.

Experts believe that this state of a woman during pregnancy is quite normal. After all, this way the body of the future mother is protected from stressful situations. Psychologists say that crying and resentment, which spills out, is much more useful than hidden, hidden deep in the heart. It is better to speak out and cry, rather than wear, as they say, a stone for the soul.

Also, frequent tearfulness can be associated with depression experienced by pregnant women in the early stages. After all, it's not always the woman's pregnancy that is desired and planned, which means that one has to change plans and refuse many things. And the woman's relatives do not always share her desire to have a baby. What remains pregnant in an atmosphere of misunderstanding, loneliness and problems at work? Cry to make it easier.

Cry is useful

Nature has taken care of the human body to be self-healing. And one of such mechanisms of recovery are emotions and tears. An ordinary person, who shares his problems with his own people, gets a huge emotional relief. Even if he does not hear good advice from the interlocutor. Crying is necessary to relieve stress in stressful situations. Therefore, crying is sometimes useful, so as not to accumulate negative emotions.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, you should not restrain your tears. They help to eliminate anger, resentment, anger. That is, the negative will not accumulate, which is also unhealthily displayed on the baby.

How to calm your nerves and cry less

All is well that in moderation. And if the future mother is upset at the slightest pretext, her tears turn into hysterics, then this can not be called useful. Depressing thoughts, rapid pulse and palpitation can adversely affect the health of the child.

Therefore, you must take yourself in hand and do not forget about the responsibility for a new life in your heart. To maintain the normal functioning of the nervous system, it is worth following these recommendations:

  1. Observe diet and sleep. You have to sleep at the same time, eat 4-5 times a day, eat foods rich in magnesium (this is fish, nuts, bananas).
  2. Correctly to have a rest. It is necessary to find 10-15 minutes a day to lie on the couch, completely relax, including pleasant and calm music. A calm exhalation and inspiration regime will help calm nerves, enrich tissues with oxygen.
  3. Hobbies. Embroidery, drawing, yoga, decoupage, Quilling - today there are a lot of interesting and useful activities that will distract from negative thoughts and create a good mood.
  4. Aromatherapy. Essential oils of mint, lavender, lemon balm are used for the sessions. You can include the aroma lamp in the room an hour before bedtime. It is also recommended that a couple of drops of such oils be poured on the pillow or behind the ears.
  5. Walking in the fresh air. It's better to walk in the park, away from the congestion of people. The body will be saturated with oxygen, the blood will circulate more actively through the body, contemplating the pleasant will give a good mood.
  6. You can drink tea at night with melissa or mint, motherwort infusion. The nervous system rests in a dream. And herbs will help her to become stronger.

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