Teenage pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy

When talking about teenage pregnancy, many simply fall into shock. Especially people of the older generation are surprised. They can be understood, since if in the 80s of the last century a woman gave birth at seventeen - this was a disgrace, and now, when a woman (and in reality a child) becomes pregnant at 13 or 14, it does not surprise anyone. However, giving birth at an early age, the fair sex deprives children of themselves first of all. In fact then it already becomes not up to study. And about such fun as a computer, jumping in puddles, student parties, kissing with the guys and visiting the circles can be forgotten. On this elementary time will not suffice, after all the child is a big responsibility demanding attention, forces and, that is important, material security.

Doctors advise women to plan pregnancy in advance, so that on the eve it was time to heal, restore their teeth to normal, which is very important, get rid of hidden infections and tune psychologically. The best age for delivery is 22 years. At this time, the woman's body is absolutely ready for change and to bear a new life. During pregnancy in the female body there are colossal changes, the greatest burden is on the cardiovascular system, because the blood circulates several times faster than usual. This is a serious stress even for an adult, what about the girlish body, when even its own tissues and organs are not completely formed. 13-14 years is the so-called critically early pregnancy, it can even become a threatening factor for a woman's life. Then, under the early pregnancy, specialists imply conception in 15-17 years.

Pregnancy is the happiest period for mom and dad, but this does not always happen. Young girls begin to live early sex life, which sometimes leads to unwanted pregnancy, and hence to abortion. Teenagers are often simply not able to physically enjoy sex, so they perceive it as a kind of rape. But a tribute to fashion does its thing. After all, it is because of this that the girls begin their sexual life so early. And no teenager thinks that being an adult, that is, having sex or sleeping together, above all, means being responsible.

Statistics say, that two-thirds of unplanned teenage pregnancies end with abortions. Another part - miscarriages, because not every child's body can withstand such a load.

In such sad statistics, doctors often blame parents who simply avoid talking to children about the need for contraception and appropriate control. It is parents who must put in the child's head the right values ??and awareness of the seriousness of the consequences of an early pregnancy. Opinions are held by psychologists about the fact that children should talk about sex. In the absence of information, children begin to receive it from other sources, which means that information received from friends, magazines or Internet sites is not always reliable. Let the child know about it better from you. Discussing with children problems of the sexual plan from an early age is one of the most effective ways to prevent early pregnancy.

Such a large percentage of abortions, as a result, leads to problems with subsequent conception, as well as a number of chronic gynecological diseases. From an early pregnancy, the bone system often suffers. In a teenage body, calcium is not that much, and in pregnancy it should be divided into at least two. Therefore, mother and child become so-called competitors in which of them will receive more calcium. In either case, either the mother or the child remains at risk of lacking this element, which in turn can lead to undesirable results.

Early pregnancy is a strong psychological stress for a young organism, which can affect the further mental activity of the girl. Experts recorded cases when, when pregnant at 15, young women simply stopped talking, fell into deep depression and even tried to commit suicide. In addition to psychological stress, it is also a stop of intellectual development, because after getting pregnant in 13 or 15, the girl has to interrupt schooling in school, and thoughts do not touch world history or mathematics. When the girl can continue training, it is not known. In such years the girl herself is not completely formed as a person, therefore she is not ready for the role of the mother.

Judge for yourself: conception itself at age 13 is already a sign of a narrow mind, and if it is not developed and multiplied, the IQ level will noticeably decrease. But this idea should not inspire all, because there are different cases and everything depends on the individuality.

Young girls, most often, do not eat right, forget about the necessity of taking multivitamins, often smoke and consume alcohol, which contributes to the birth of sick children. The weight of a girl also matters. Adolescents, in comparison with older women, as studies show, significantly less weight gain during pregnancy, and this leads to underweight children.

Another threat to those who became pregnant at 15 is anemia, that is, a decrease in hemoglobin concentration in the blood. But it's not dangerous. Early birth, as a rule, is very difficult. And according to WHO, the death rate of young women giving birth at birth is three times higher than that of girls who reached the age of 20-24. An early pregnancy is a priori accompanied by complications. Children's pelvis is too narrow to release the head and shoulders of the newborn. Therefore, such births entail a number of birth traumas, not only for the mother, but also for the child. Early deliveries require specialized care for teenage obstetrician-gynecologists, which are not available in all clinics.

Even in the case of successful pregnancy of teenage pregnancy, children are born very weak, have insufficient weight and various pathologies. Such children grow more slowly, have problems with digestion, respiratory system and with general development. Mom-teenagers, as a rule, can not breast-feed a child, and this is a huge minus for a weak baby.

In newborns with low body weight, serious diseases of the respiratory, vision and intestinal tract develop.

As you can see, in teenage pregnancy there are more minuses than pluses. And for both the mother and the child. Young mothers rarely return to school, do not receive higher education and do not find their place in modern society. They have to start all over again, when the child becomes relatively independent and requires much less attention. Wise was the one who said that everything has its time. There is a time to be a child and enjoy every child moment, there is a time to fall in love and create a family, there is time to give birth and bring up children and so on until the very end. The future of each one of us is in the hands of ourselves.

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