Temperature before birth

What does the temperature increase mean before giving birth?

What should a pregnant woman do in the last weeks at elevated temperature? Do you always need to see a doctor? Let's try to understand the issues.

Possible causes of temperature increase

In women's forums, very often women are asked about what to do if the temperature at 38-39 week of pregnancy has risen above 37 degrees. It should be noted that such a rise in body temperature happens quite often, and one should not worry much about this. But you can not neglect such a symptom. Sometimes a fever slightly above 37 degrees can signal the onset of a serious illness. The temperature increase of 0, 5-1 degrees on the threshold of childbirth is characterized by 15-20% of pregnant women. And there can be several reasons for this increase.

First, An increase in fever before delivery can be caused by the use of anesthetics. The period of their action is about 6 hours with a possible effect on the fever of the pregnant woman. It should be emphasized that anesthesia, as a rule, does not provoke a high temperature.

Secondly, the temperature increase caused by the presence of infection in the woman's body can be much more serious. Pregnant has more chances than ordinary people & bdquo; pick up & rdquo; infectious disease, cold, flu. Thirdly, future mothers may have different chronic diseases. For example, diseases of the genitourinary system, sinusitis.

Fourth, the cause may be infections of the amniotic fluid or the placenta. And the temperature just gives a sign about infection. This cause of temperature increase is the most dangerous, because infection inside the womb is fraught with a risk of life to the child and mother. Infection through the blood can infect the fetus. In addition, such infection can provoke premature birth. A child born to an infected mother is susceptible to various diseases. For example, pneumonia, bacteremia, meningitis. That's why you need to be attentive to the temperature rise in the prenatal period. When confirming the diagnosis of the presence of infection in the uterus, you need to undergo a course of treatment that includes antibiotics.

Or maybe just stress?

Sometimes, on the eve of childbirth, women begin to experience very much. Unrest, stress, nervousness before childbirth can cause an increase in body temperature. After all, even in a healthy body, chemical elements that provoke temperature develop under stress. This reason is the most common explanation for fever. The organism of the future mummy thus signals that the baby will soon be born, that soon you will see it.

In order to avoid any complications and consequences, when the temperature rises, you should consult a doctor. Perhaps he will assign tests to find the cause. Even if the child is born healthy, in his body, the latent infection and at the time of not detectable mother's infection can manifest later.

Increasing the body temperature of a pregnant woman above 37, 5 degrees before birth is one of the reasons for going to the doctor. Appeals and consultations, but not worries! The doctor will determine the cause, and whatever she was, the expectant mother should remain calm, be sure that everything will end well! And the temperature is a temporary phenomenon, like other prenatal symptoms.

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