Teratozoospermia (in the context of male infertility)

Teratozoospermia as the cause of infertility

Infertility of men in our time is quite an actual problem. It should be noted that statistics today attests to the equality of male and female infertility. Its characteristic feature is acquisition, not natural nature. And first of all it is connected with inflammatory processes in the male reproductive sphere and negative influence of external factors. In other words, male infertility in most cases is the result of an incorrect lifestyle. This also applies to teratozoospermia.

What is this disease? Teratozoospermia is the presence in the male seed of unhealthy spermatozoa, which have deviations from the norm of 50% or more. Sometimes this figure is equal to 70% of the total. In the language of medicine, such a diagnosis is put to a man when his teratozoospermia index is greater than 1, 6.

The structure of pathological spermatozoa differs from healthy ones. This is manifested by the vice of the tail of the sperm. Such spermatozoa can not fertilize ova.

Pathologies, more precisely deformations of the sperm head, are disturbances in the process of fusion of the spermatozoon and the egg. It is impossible to penetrate the sperm into the egg and form a zygote. If even such a weak spermatozoon miraculously penetrates into the egg and fertilization will occur, pregnancy will come, then the developmental fetus, pregnancy fading, spontaneous abortions at the early stages of bearing of the child are possible.

As a rule, the tail part of the spermatozoon is affected by pathological changes. Its function is to promote the sperm in the fallopian tube in the direction of the egg. With teratozoospermia, the spermatozoa, which lack mobility, die without fulfilling their direct purpose. By the way, in translation from the Greek language "teratos" means ugliness.

Such anomalies as teratozoospermia and asthenozoospermia are increasingly the causes of infertility of men.

How does teratozoospermia differ

There are several types of teratozoospermia in medicine.

They are distinguished depending on the susceptibility to pathological changes in a certain part of the spermatozoon:

  1. Changes in the sperm head: size, shape, symmetry, chromatin.
  2. Changes in the sperm neck: asymmetric attachment, modified cervical angle, thin or thick middle part.
  3. Changes in the tail: short, twisted, inclined or multiple tails.

The reasons for the development of teratozoospermia

Why does this disease occur? What are the causes of it in healthy men? The most common causes are diseases of the testicles, their appendages of a viral and bacterial nature; diseases of the vas deferens. A special group of reasons are external factors. This intoxication of nicotine, alcoholic, narcotic; ionizing radiation (radiation); malnutrition.

Often the cause of this disease is a genetic predisposition.

Diagnosis of teratozoospermia

If the regular sexual life of spouses without contraception does not lead to the desired pregnancy, then go to the doctor boringly both. Perhaps the reason is just in the man. The diagnosis of teratozoospermia in practice is confirmed by two spermograms from different laboratories with an interval of two weeks.

Spermogram is the analysis of seminal fluid, which allows you to draw conclusions about the state of the male reproductive sphere.

Treatment of teratozoospermia

Treatment of teratozoospermia is, first of all, elimination of the causes of its occurrence. If this is a way of life (smoking, alcohol, work in harmful conditions), then a man can change it if he wants to have children. When the cause is in internal diseases, teratozoospermia can be treated. This is not a verdict. Treatment can be a surgical or complex therapy with spermectin, L-carnitine, succinic acid and other drugs that are prescribed by an andrologist.

As for folk methods, then they can be an auxiliary background for drug treatment. And the basis is a healthy lifestyle. It is unlikely that the treatment will give results if the man continues to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day.

On the forums you can find many recipes and tips about the treatment of teratozoospermia. It is recommended to drink on an empty stomach pumpkin juice and twice a day to use infusion of leaves and buds of birch. You can try taking drugs containing zinc and vitamin E.

Men's products are celery, cilantro and parsley. Dried fruits and honey also contribute to sperm health.

Another recipe: vitamin C at 1000 mg per day + Selzinc 1 tablet twice a day for a month.

So, this male disease is quite serious, but, nevertheless, it is treatable. Only you need to start with yourself!

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