Than the edemas are dangerous during pregnancy

What are the dangerous swelling in pregnancy?

Causes of edema, their symptoms

Puffiness is a concentration in the tissues of excess fluid. Occasionally, insect bites, injuries, and inflammations lead to its accumulation.

Common edema affects the entire body. A person can sweat legs, face, hands. It happens with future mothers. They have swelling starting from the lower extremities. Why is this happening? The causes of the appearance of edema during pregnancy are several:

  1. Additional need for liquid. It arises as a result of changes in the body of a pregnant woman.
  2. Varicose veins. Normal blood flow disturb changes in the uterus, weight gain.
  3. Renal failure. More often it is the cause of swelling in the third trimester, when the load on the kidneys reaches a maximum.
  4. Gestosis. In this case, swelling is accompanied by an increase in blood pressure, the appearance of protein in the urine.

Not every future mother understands that she has swelling. Sometimes changes in the legs, on the face are perceived as an increase in body weight. The swelling on the face is expressed in its rounding, swelling of the eyelids. Sometimes in this part of the body, puffiness is also manifested by rhinitis, obstruction of nasal breathing. The danger of this phenomenon is that the child in the womb does not receive the proper amount of oxygen. The child suffers from hypoxia.

Do not notice swelling of the hands is difficult. Usually, women complain that they can not take off an engagement ring from their finger.

On the legs, the problem is manifested by heaviness, pain when walking, severe fatigue. The lower extremities are buzzing, and, taking off her shoes, the woman sees an obvious trace from her. If you press on the shin, then it even has a dent.

All these swelling are obvious, but they are also hidden. About them may indicate an increase in body weight.

How do swelling affect fetal bearing

Do not worry if this phenomenon is physiological, that is, you can get rid of it by diet. But when a woman wakes up in the morning with obvious signs of puffiness, it is worth hurrying to a women's consultation. After all, it can be signs of serious illnesses. Ignoring the problem threatens to disrupt the relationship of the future mother with the baby through the placenta, hypoxia, termination of pregnancy.

But to diagnose the cause of the pathology, the doctor must conduct a survey. If this is nephropathy, then at the first stage of treatment it will be outpatient. At a severe stage of the disease, fetal hypoxia occurs, that is, oxygen starvation.

If the edema in the first trimester is not physiological, then at this stage, most likely, they are associated with impaired renal or cardiac function. Cardiac localized exclusively in the lower part of the trunk (lower back, legs). Also, heart problems are accompanied by shortness of breath, tachycardia, lips can turn blue. In this case, the condition of a pregnant woman threatens the normal physical development of the fetus.

Renal edema occurs everywhere, starting with the face. The earlier in this case a woman will turn to a doctor for help, so the childbirth will be better.

When it comes to puffiness in late pregnancy, there is a clear symptom of gestosis. And this is already a clear threat to the bearing of the fetus. Premature births, the use of caesarean section are possible.

As a rule, a woman is placed in a hospital for preservation. Therapy consists of the appointment of tocopherol, magnesium, lipoic acid. Diuretics are rarely used in this case. It is necessary to use less salt, protein foods, products containing sodium. It facilitates the work of the kidney knee-elbow position, which the woman is recommended to borrow for 10 minutes. Fruit and kefir fasting days are practiced. Useful in this case will be swimming, walking, yoga.

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