The birth of twins

How are the natural birth of twins

Twins and Twins

These two terms are confused often. Twins are children of the same sex, exact copies of each other. They have an identical set of genes and they come from the same fetal egg. They are called identical twins.

Among all the multiple pregnancies of odnoyaytsovyh twins, there are about a third. The rest are mixed twins, twins. In essence, these are ordinary brothers or sisters who were born together. They, as a rule, are not very similar to each other, can be of different sexes. Penguin twins appear in the light of each of their eggs.

Getting ready in advance

Most pregnancies with twins are a serious strain on the body of women and children. This is an increased risk of toxicosis - early and late in the form of gestosis, bleeding and placental abruption. This mother needs more careful medical control, and more self-responsibility for pregnancy. Moms of the future twins visit a doctor more often and take tests, they are more often prescribed ultrasound, they go to the decree earlier.

Pregnant women who already know that they have two lives under their hearts often ask themselves: how do twins come into being, will the birth be natural or only a Caesarian section?

Yes, today the level of medicine allows to give birth to two children on their own. But this is possible only in the normal course of pregnancy and under the strict supervision of a doctor or a team. The good health of the mother, the absence of chronic pathologies and complications in the process of bearing children, the correct position of the babies in the uterus before childbirth are the prerequisites for an independent delivery of twins.

But even in this case, the responsible doctor should warn the woman about the possibility of a cesarean section if the need arises. Do not be afraid of this, because doctors do such an operation for the benefit of you and your children. During such births, doctors take additional measures to ensure successful delivery and minimize all risks.

The births of two children are always planned in advance. After all, as a rule, they can begin with 33-34 weeks of pregnancy. The attending physician carefully examines the pregnant woman, studies its exchange card, takes into account all past problems on the part of the reproductive system. After all, the smallest details can affect the course of childbirth itself.

Usually, twins are born in families where they were in the family or a woman after 30 years. Frequent cases of the birth of two babies in couples who have long been treated for infertility. Here is a kind of reward for patience.

In each individual case, the birth will take place in different ways. But usually mothers with a load of diseases and risks are safer to do cesarean section.

Characteristics of twin genera

In most cases of double pregnancy, children before the birth are head down. This is the most successful position for natural delivery. If the kids are alone in the head, another in pelvic presentation, then natural births are also possible. But if the babies are in another presentation, then the caesarean section can not be avoided.

The process of such births, as usual, begins with the opening of the cervix. Then the doctor opens the fruitth bubble of the first child. He appears in the light. Then the mother is allowed to rest for 20 minutes. With the resumption of contractions and contraction of the uterine wall, the second fetal bladder is opened and a second baby is born. After a short rest of the women, the shells of fruits and placenta come out into the light. The pregnant woman is carefully examined by doctors to prevent possible problems with contraction of the uterus, bleeding.

The birth of twins or twins lasts longer than usual, and the weakness of labor is more common in them. Uterine contractions in the process may be weakened, pauses may lengthen. If labor is delayed, it is likely that they will need to be stimulated with oxytocin. In the worst case, a decision is made to conduct a caesarean section.

The most frequent complications of childbirth twin doctors call incorrect presentation of fruits, premature release of amniotic fluid, late rupture of the 2nd baby's bladder, weakness of labor, fetal hypoxia, asphyxia of one or two children, premature detachment of the placenta of the 2nd child.

There is a belief that the first child of twins will be stronger and luckier in life. This is supposedly accompanied by the primacy of his birth. And it is noticed that among twins are stronger than girls, and if there is a threat of survival of one of the twins, then it will be a representative of the weaker sex.

If you are going to become a twin mother, then do everything you can to ensure that babies are born healthy!

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