The chest hurts during pregnancy

Why does my chest hurt during pregnancy?

Many women note swelling and darkening of the nipples, and from them even colostrum can be allocated. The chest or only the nipples become very sensitive and painful. And all this is normal, you should not worry. This is how the breast prepares for the future feeding of the baby. In addition, all the changes occurring in the breast during this period are a special development of the lactiferous lobules, which can occur exclusively during pregnancy. And women who survived such changes, that is, those who became pregnant and gave birth, become less prone to oncological diseases of the breast in the future.

In different women, these processes occur individually, manifesting to a greater or lesser extent, individually or all at once. Some note tingling or burning in the nipples, someone's nipples only darken, others - the breasts become hypersensitive without any additional symptoms. Some women feel pain only when touching or pressing. Sometimes, there is a sensitivity to cold. Many sensations resemble the approximation of menstruation. And someone does not bother the breast in any way and there are no noticeable changes with it, as it does not happen.

As a rule (but not necessarily) all unpleasant and painful sensations in the chest area begin to weaken by 10-12 weeks.

How to reduce chest pain during pregnancy

  • The most important is comfortable underwear. The bra should be comfortable - on wide straps and without pits, do not squeeze and do not rub the breasts and nipples. Necessarily from a natural fabric and it is desirable without superfluous seams and decorative elements. But at the same time, he must lift and support the chest to improve circulation in her and prevent stagnation. It is best to buy a special brassiere for pregnant women, which is then useful in the period of feeding. As you grow and enlarge your breasts, you need to change your bra to a bigger one.
  • If the nipples are hypersensitive and respond to any stimulus - try not to take off the bra at night.
  • When isolating from the breast colostrum, you should buy in the pharmacy special pads in the bra, which will absorb the secretions. And, of course, do not forget to replace them in time on a clean one.
  • Daily it is necessary to wash the breast warm (or room temperature) with water or at least wipe with a damp towel. Do not use soap and other products on this area - they can overdry the skin.
  • From the second trimester, you can begin breast hardening (which is also a good prevention of lactation mastitis): take air baths, carry out contrasting wet wipes.
  • Simple physical exercises will strengthen the muscles and ligaments, which will facilitate the flow of lymph from the breast and improve the support of the mammary glands.

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