The consequences of artificial births

The consequences of artificial births

First, it's bleeding. After artificial birth, you can die from bleeding or become a barren woman. The fact is that during this procedure the body is exposed to various substances and manipulations are carried out, which harm the health. Artificial births themselves pass through the effects of medications that cause contraction of the uterine muscles. Thus, the immature fetus is removed from the body together with the placenta. This can lead to significant blood loss.

It is also possible to develop a placental polyp. After all, some part of the placenta can be firmly attached to the wall of the uterus. This leads not only to prolonged bleeding and severe iron deficiency anemia. If doctors after artificial birth suspect the presence of a placental polyp, then a procedure for scraping is prescribed.

A serious complication after artificial birth may be inflammatory processes. So it is likely that there will be acute infectious and inflammatory processes in the internal genital organs and pelvic organs. Inflammation can begin on the injured surface of the uterine cavity and soon spread to the ovaries and fallopian tubes. Thus, the function of the mucous membrane of the uterus is lost. Because of this, a woman can no longer give birth, as the fertilized egg will no longer adhere to the wall of the uterus.

In addition, with inflammation of the ovaries, the hormonal background of the woman changes, the menstrual cycle breaks down, which in turn makes the conception of the baby impossible.

Also, due to inflammatory processes in the fallopian tubes in subsequent pregnancies, there is a significant risk of developing an ectopic pregnancy. This can occur at the 8th - 10th week of pregnancy, when the embryo becomes large enough, the uterine tube will break with heavy bleeding. This will create a danger to the life of a woman.

The inflammatory process can lead to the development of abscesses - abscesses. They form in the area of ??the fiber that surround the uterus, but can spread to the abdominal cavity, body surface or other organs. From time to time pus out from the abscesses.

The most serious complications of artificial births doctors consider inflammation of the peritoneum, which covers the inside of the abdominal cavity and infection of blood. After all, along with blood flow, the infection easily spreads to all organs and systems of the body.

Remember that artificial births can only be carried out by experienced specialists. The procedure should be followed, if there are serious reasons for this. For example, severe malformations of the central nervous system in the fetus, malformations of the cardiovascular system that are incompatible with life, severe hereditary pathologies or pregnancy, which poses a threat to the life of a woman.

Perform artificial delivery can be up to 20-22 weeks of pregnancy. In other cases, such a procedure will be considered pure infanticide.

Be attentive not only to your life, but to the lives of others. Take only the right decisions!

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