The first days of pregnancy

The first days of pregnancy are signs, changes in the body of a woman

In the case when a woman learns of pregnancy overtakes, "like a bolt from the blue", she has to completely and completely change her way of life. From the behavior of the mother, from her responsibility and from the right attitude toward development in her womb, a new life will largely depend, How will pregnancy take place and how prepared for the meeting with the new world will be her future child. It is the first days of pregnancy (as, indeed, the entire first trimester) are the most important, the most important time for the normal development of the baby. During this period, the fetus is actively forming, it is most vulnerable to any "irritant" that affects the mother's body and comes into it from the outside, since in the first trimester the main laying of the future organs and systems of the child's organism takes place.

All the processes during pregnancy will necessarily affect the future mother - someone more, someone less. So, from the childbirth, you can hear completely different memories related to the first days of the "interesting situation". Some of them claim that from the first day they knew that, that they are expecting a child (probably those of the mothers who were prepared for this and wished pregnancy), and some say that they only learned about pregnancy after a sudden fainting or nausea that appeared from nowhere.

Whatever it was, but already from the moment when fertilization takes place, that is, the egg moves to the uterus, where it is attached, the woman in most cases notices significant changes in the body and her condition as a whole. Already the first days of pregnancy can tell a woman that in the near future she will become a happy mother. And all this is due to changes that begin from the moment of fertilization, are clearly visible and palpable at the first terms and continue throughout the pregnancy.

In the first days of pregnancy, due to the adaptation of the woman's organism to a new state, the future mother begins to experience weakness, which is additionally accompanied by an eternally "sleepy" condition. Doctors believe this is the norm and it is advised that in this case the pregnant woman should rest more and sleep at least 9-10 hours a day.

Another symptom characteristic of the first days of pregnancy is nausea and vomiting. Although they can appear at any time of the day, but more often nausea and subsequent emptying of the stomach is overtaken by a woman in the morning after awakening. Nausea and vomiting are the first signs of toxicosis, which can and should be combated. First of all, eating something (a piece of crackers, cookies), drinking a mug of tea (you can still in bed, before lifting). Nausea can also appear as a reaction to sharp odors, and as a consequence of being in a stuffy room. It can be accompanied by the same weakness and dizziness.

And if in some cases the first days of pregnancy are accompanied by toxicosis, then in some women there is a significant increase in appetite and unexpected changes in food preferences. From mums it is often possible to hear, how on early terms of pregnancy they constantly wanted to eat, up to that woke up at night with an unprecedented feeling of hunger. As for the taste changes, it happens that the pregnant sometimes pulls for food, which she did not like at all. And sometimes they start to attract completely inedible "products", for example, chalk, coal or clay. It is believed that in this way the body itself shows the future mother, what elements it does not suffice at this stage.

In connection with the fact, that already from the moment of conception in the organism of the future mother there is a major hormonal restructuring, a woman in the first days of pregnancy may wonder how sharply her mood changes. During the day, the mood can change several times: from tears to laughter, from irritability and screaming - to shame for their behavior.

In addition, occur in the first days of pregnancy and physiological changes. Since the uterus increases in size already immediately after the embryo is introduced into it (by the way, the pregnancy of the gynecologist determines this, among other things), it immediately exerts pressure, although still insignificant, on the bladder. And this, in turn, leads to the fact that in a pregnant woman the urge to urinate begins to manifest more often than usual. Undergoing changes and mammary glands of the future mother: breast increases, swells, sometimes it can even feel painful tension. The nipples at the same time darken and also increase in size - so the breast prepares for the forthcoming lactation.

The first days and weeks of pregnancy is the defining period for its further normal course. During this period, a woman needs to carefully monitor her health condition, with bad habits - to get rid of them, not to be nervous, to eat fully, getting from the food all useful substances. And if necessary, you need to drink a course of vitamins and trace elements, necessarily consulting with a doctor who, by the way, will recommend pregnant women and drugs with folic acid, necessary for the normal development of the nervous system baby.

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