The first signs of pregnancy after a delay

The first signs of pregnancy after a delay

The main signs of pregnancy after a delay

It is important to note that the most accurate symptoms of pregnancy, as a rule, will last after 5-6 weeks of pregnancy. Therefore, that some changes in the body before the delay of the monthly testify to the future offspring - very difficult. However, if you have had regular periods in the past six months, and then suddenly disappeared, and even sex was the day before unprotected, then we recommend that you pay attention to the following symptoms.

Probable signs of pregnancy:

  • no monthly;
  • morning or evening nausea, which manifests itself in the first couple of months after conception;
  • often urination, which manifests itself from the fifth week after conception;
  • painful sensations in the chest, increased sensitivity of the nipples, darkening of the areola, which appear in the first months after the delay.

Very likely signs of pregnancy after a delay:

  • pain in the lower back, especially in the lower abdomen, which are characteristic of the first trimester of pregnancy;
  • increased drowsiness and fatigue;
  • Irritability, tearfulness;
  • a change in gastronomic preferences.

Significant signs of pregnancy after a delay:

  • increase in the size of the uterus with a closed neck, which is determined by medical examination;
  • the appearance of pigment spots on the face and a dark line in the middle of the abdomen;
  • increased appetite.

All of the above signs can manifest themselves in various combinations and in varying degrees of "severity." However, these symptoms can also indicate the presence of hormonal failure, as well as untreated diseases and even as a reaction to medications taken. That is why, before making conclusions, make sure that the presence, for example, of weakness, nausea and fever is not a sign of food poisoning or colds. After all, the nature of pregnancy is such that not all women manage to "unravel" the state of pregnancy at the earliest dates of an "interesting" situation. Very often, the future mother for several months may not even suspect that she is pregnant.

Therefore, in order to dispel doubts and determine their "interesting" position, we still recommend that you use more accurate methods of determining pregnancy.

If you have noted one or more of the above symptoms, but still have doubts about pregnancy, then refer to such methods of pregnancy determination as:

  • examination in the gynecological chair;
  • Pregnancy test;
  • urine and blood test;
  • Ultrasound.

Thus, we came to the conclusion that some of the identified physical signs of pregnancy after a delay can indicate both the presence of pregnancy, as well as its absence. Well and to receive more authentic information, all available signs should confirm the test for pregnancy or medical examination.

In any case, we wish you the results to please you!

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