The first signs of pregnancy before the delay

The first signs of pregnancy before the delay of menstrual periods

Why is it important to be able to recognize these signals? What are the likely and likely signs of pregnancy before delay? Let's understand together.

Reliable signs

Early pregnancy is the formation of vital organs in the fetus. From the state of health of the mother during this period depends the degree of "bookmarking" of the healthy organs of the baby. For example, if in a week when a child has a heart, a woman "picked up" herpes, ARD, then the baby's heart rate increases.

Women who do not plan to become mothers should also not miss the deadlines. After all, abortion will go with less complications, if it is done in the early stages.

So, on what grounds can you determine that the pregnancy has occurred?

Basal temperature. If it keeps at 37 degrees and a little higher, then this can mean the onset of pregnancy. But in this issue there are a number of subjective factors affecting the accuracy of the thermometer. For example, fever may be due to sexual intercourse, which occurred a couple of hours before the temperature measurement. Affects the testimony of even going to the toilet 2 hours before the measurement. The exact result of the measurement can be obtained in the morning, lying in bed, when before that the woman was calm for 6-7 hours.

Pregnancy test. Positive, with the indication of two strips, it will become 10-14 days after conception, and not the day after it. It should be noted that the manufacturers of tests and doctors recommend that they do after the start of the delay. Then the result will be more accurate. "Errors" of tests on early terms are explained by the fact, that the concentration of the hCG hormone affecting the test result is still too small. If there is a great desire to try, then you need to buy inkjet tests.

Blood test for hCG (chorionic gonadotropin). It should be emphasized that a positive result of the analysis happens in cases of diseases, for example, kidneys.

Such hormonal signs of pregnancy before the delay of menstruation for today are considered reliable.

Probable (relative) signs

Pain in the mammary glands. Some women a few days after conception begin to feel how their breasts thicken. They become very painful, colostrum begins to separate from the nipples. Others state even a slight increase in breast size. But sometimes such signs can be symptoms of diseases of the mammary glands. That is, if an interesting situation has not been confirmed, and the pain remains, it is necessary to seek advice from a mammologist.

Toxicosis. Usually at the earliest stages of pregnancy, nausea is mild. Sometimes women confuse the first signs of pregnancy with poisoning. To toxicosis include a marked increase in appetite.

Pain in the lower abdomen. Such symptoms are observed in the first days after conception. But they can be a sign of either miscarriage or the approach of menstruation. During pregnancy, such pains appear rarely and irregularly.

Implantation bleeding. It's hard to call it bleeding. A few drops of blood a woman can detect on her underwear during the introduction of the egg into the wall of the uterus. But this is a rather rare sign, and it happens only in some women. By the way, this phenomenon is often confused with intermenstrual bleeding. But, as a rule, in this case, a few drops and ends. Traditional, profuse bleeding does not begin.

These are the first signs of pregnancy before the delay. We remind you that these are only individual signals about a possible interesting situation, as well as dreams about fish.

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