The first symptoms of pregnancy

What are the first symptoms of pregnancy?

When are the first symptoms of pregnancy manifested?

These symptoms can manifest themselves in a variety of ways, as, in fact, not manifest themselves in the first place at all. In principle, the question "when the first symptoms of pregnancy manifest themselves?" There is no universal answer. So, in each individual case, the onset of pregnancy of women is felt in different ways and at different times - it all depends on the individual characteristics of the body, the state of health, "mood" or, conversely, "unadjustment" of a woman.

Some of the mummies claim that they knew about their pregnancies except from the very beginning, almost from the moment of conception. Someone will find out about the "interesting situation" only after a considerable delay of the monthly and related tests with the doctor. And yet, most women still experience the onset of pregnancy and in one way or another meet the first symptoms of pregnancy even in its early period. So, what can indicate the likely successful conception and the subsequent pregnancy? What can be the first symptoms of pregnancy?

The first symptoms of pregnancy before the delay

The first symptoms of pregnancy before the delay can appear already in fact a week after sexual intercourse. It is a question of easy and not temporary spasmodic sensations in a stomach and insignificant branches of a blood. Usually, bloody discharge of light pink or brown color is inherent in early pregnancy as a result of implantation of a fertilized egg into the uterus. Typically, this happens on the 6-12 day after conception. Spasms, in turn, indicate a gradual expansion of the uterus and prepare it for fetal growth.

Tenderness of the chest and darkening of the circles around the nipple, which specialists also define as the first symptoms of pregnancy before the delay, can appear already 7-14 days after conception. It is known that the whole body of a woman begins to prepare for bearing and giving birth to a baby already from the very beginning of pregnancy. And the breast, in addition, is also preparing for the subsequent feeding, which is why, literally a week after conception, the pregnant woman senses that the breast has swelled and increased, and the skin around the nipple has darkened. In addition, due to the increased sensitivity of the mammary glands and nipples, the woman is likely to experience some discomfort.

Fatigue and drowsiness - these signs are familiar to many established mothers as one of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy before the delay. From many of them you can often hear how in the first weeks of pregnancy they constantly walked, "like sleepy flies", woke up in the morning broken, quickly tired & hellip; Such symptoms of pregnancy are the result of hormonal changes in the body: increased fatigue is associated with an increase in the level of progesterone. The same reason explains the possible occurrence of dizziness and / or headaches.

Mood swings. Caprice, irritability become the consequence of all the same hormonal changes. The mood of a pregnant woman often changes several times a day - from inexplicable joy and enthusiasm to tears of groundless resentment or irritation.

Misfortunes in the form of nausea. Nausea in the morning is one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy, which can manifest itself from the second week after conception, although it often "overtakes" the pregnant woman at 4-8 weeks. In this case, nausea can occur not only in the morning (although this happens more often), but also throughout the day, and even at night. Accompany nausea can vomit (which, as a rule, happens), get acquainted: this is what is called toxicosis.

Change in olfactory sensations and taste preferences. Very often already in the first weeks of pregnancy a woman begins to sharper and distinctly distinguish smells. Some of them can be so unpleasant or sharp that they provoke nausea. Many of the smells that the woman even liked before, can cause disgust - the fragrance of perfume, deodorant or favorite food. The same "fate" is comprehended by the foods and dishes loved before that woman: if before the pregnancy a woman, for example, the process of preparing it can cause a vomiting in the pregnant woman. In addition, there may well be a craving for hitherto not very favorite products: a traditional joke is the question of whether "pulling on salty" or "sour".

Persistent indicators of increased basal temperature. The temperature in the rectum, that is, the basal temperature, at the onset of pregnancy remains at around 37 degrees. Those of the women who lead the temperature charts know that the basal temperature rises already when ovulation occurs. That's only if the fertilization did not happen, the temperature again return to normal, but in case of conception - remains within 37-37, 2 degrees.

However, the most "obvious" symptom of pregnancy is, of course, the absence of menstruation in its due time. Monthly "late" for 4-6 days? Yes, and against this background there are uncharacteristic tingling and pulling sensation in the abdomen? Most likely this is a consequence of the pregnancy that has come, although, of course, one can assume the presence of an inflammatory process in the reproductive system, hypothermia or the influence of stress & hellip; The answer can give a pregnancy test. And, in addition, it is recommended to consult a doctor in order to clearly determine - pregnancy or any other reasons have caused the symptoms characteristic of the state of pregnancy as well.

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