The form of the abdomen during pregnancy

The shape of the abdomen during pregnancy by a boy and a girl

With the passage of pregnancy, the size and shape of your abdomenka begin to change. All this is associated with intensive growth of the uterus.

Already at the 5th week of embryo development, the uterus begins to increase in size, but visually the stomach remains the same as before pregnancy. On the eighth week of pregnancy, your uterus will be already the size of an orange, but neither you nor the people around you will notice any changes. But in the 12th week of bearing the fetus the doctor will be able to grope for the uterus, because at this stage the bottom of the uterus will rise to the edge of the pubis. In the next few weeks of pregnancy, the uterus will gradually rise from the pubic to the navel and your rounded tummy will already be noticeable to everyone around. At the 28th week, the uterus will rise 4-6 centimeters above the navel. The maximum the uterus can rise to the level of the ribs, this happens on the 36th week of pregnancy. But after 4 weeks you will be able to feel that the stomach has lowered a little, this is how it happens immediately before childbirth.

In the second half of pregnancy, the shape of the abdomen has some medical significance. If the pregnancy is normal and the fetus is in the right position, then the abdomen will have an ovoid shape. The presence of an excessive amount of water will be evidenced by the fact that the stomach will become spherical. If the fruit is in a transverse position, the shape of the abdomen will visually resemble a transverse oval.

A woman with a narrow pelvis that will give birth for the first time, can also be determined by the shape of the abdomen. In this case, the stomach is pointed and slightly pointed upwards. If a woman gives birth a second time, then it will be a little loose.

Special attention is paid to the form of the abdomen immediately before delivery. If it seems unusual, then it is entirely possible that the doctor will send you to X-ray and pellvicometry. This procedure is completely safe for the baby, with its help you can determine the internal dimensions of the pelvis. After that, you can decide how you will give birth. Perhaps the pelvis will be too narrow, in which case the doctor will offer to give birth by caesarean section.

In principle, the shape of the abdomen during the entire pregnancy depends on many factors. For example, on the physique of a woman, the structure of the pelvis and the state of the muscles. Affects and lifestyle of the future mother before pregnancy.

It's quite natural how the pregnant mother begins to complain at the beginning of pregnancy that the belly grows too slowly, by the end of pregnancy, on the contrary, it will seem that the growth of the abdomen is too rapid.

The dynamics of the growth of the abdomen and changes in its shape is primarily associated with weight gain. If you are gaining pounds too quickly, this indicates the accumulation of excess fat, fluid retention and, subsequently, even internal swelling is possible. Especially to monitor their health is necessary for those women who have had excess weight before pregnancy.

As for the shape of the abdomen, there are a lot of folk signs. It is because of the shape of the tummy, they say, you can determine the sex of the child. But there is no medical confirmation of these facts.

Do not pay attention to different signs, try to talk more with the baby, because there is inside, he perfectly hears and understands everything. The shape of the abdomen is by no means the most important factor in pregnancy. It is important to take out a healthy child. Therefore, if there is any doubt, consult a doctor.

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