The gestation period is 10 weeks

The gestation period is 10 weeks

The period of up to 8 weeks

So, what does the fetus do in the womb for 9 months? Let's start from the very beginning, from the moment of fertilization of the egg with the sperm. By the way, up to 8 weeks the fetus is called an embryo. During this period all its systems and organs are formed.

After fertilization, the egg begins to crumble. It moves in the direction of the uterus and is released from the shell. The implantation into the uterus (attachment of the fetal egg) occurs on the 6th-8th day after fertilization. The process of attachment occurs with the help of chorionic villi.

At 2-3 weeks the embryo is very actively developing: the bases (rudiments) of the muscular, bone, and nervous systems are formed. That is why the stage of their "bookmarking" is considered an important period of gestation.

At 4-7 weeks the future child forms such organs: heart, head, arms, legs. At week 5, the length of the embryo is about 6 mm. During the 7 weeks he begins to determine the rudiments of the eyes, abdomen and chest, and on the hands are formed fingers. At this time, the embryo already has a vestibular apparatus (sense organ), and its length increases to 12 mm.

At the 8th week there is a process of determining the face. Then you can already distinguish between the mouth, nose and ears. If we talk about the overall size, then the head of the embryo is very large and the body is not proportional. All its elements are already formed, and the nervous and musculoskeletal system is being improved. Appeared in this period and the sensitivity of the skin in the mouth, thus preparing for the formation of a sucking reflex. At the same time, the genitals are also noticeable. The length of the fetus is approximately 20 mm.

Fetal development before week 18

At the 9th week the fingers of the future child on the hands and feet already have nails. He starts to move in the womb, but my mother does not feel these movements, because the fetus is small and a large amount of space in the uterus occupies amniotic fluid. The doctor with the help of a special stethoscope can already hear the baby's heartbeat. At this time the process of development of muscles continues, so the baby touches himself, his body. This is an interesting process, you can observe it on ultrasound. And the first thing, the child reacts to the touch of the sensor. He pulls away from him first, and then tries to attach the handles to him, trying to touch the sensor.

At the 11-14th week of pregnancy, the baby's legs, legs, and eyelids are clearly formed, the sexual organs become discernible. That is, you can find out the gender of the future child on ultrasound. During this period the fetus already "knows how" to swallow. And even if something he did not like, he can frown, put out his tongue as a sign of discontent. The skin at this time has a transparent appearance.

At 14 weeks in the middle of the bones blood is formed, the head begins to grow hair, and the baby itself is moving more clearly and in a coordinated manner.

15-18 weeks in the development of the fetus is characterized by more clear features of the face, porozoveniem skin, the ability to open mouth, blink, grab handles. During this period, the fetus is more active in the womb.

19-23 week of development

A child at 19-23 week of pregnancy can already suck his finger, in his intestine there is already pseudo-feces called meconium. The kidneys begin their work, and the brain is very actively developing. During this period, the process of ossification of auditory cartilage occurs, and the child can already hear his mother: her breathing, her heartbeat, her voice. Lungs are so developed that in case of force majeure the child will be able to survive in conditions of intensive therapy.

This period is the equator of pregnancy, the period on which a woman first feels the child's movements. This date must be remembered and notified to the gynecologist.

Significant weight gain, the formation of fatty fetal deposits is also characteristic of this period of pregnancy. Weight at 23 week is approximately 650 g, height - 300 mm.

24-32 weeks of fetal development

Light fetuses up to 32 weeks continue to develop. The child falls asleep, wakes up. His skin becomes wrinkled, it is covered with grease. The sensitivity of the lips and mouth increases, the eyes are slightly opened, perceive the light and even frown. Development of the fetus up to 32 weeks is characterized by the adaptation of the lungs to breathing normal air. The process of breathing itself is rhythmic, the baby reacts to external stimuli. The skin is considerably condensed, becomes more smooth, pink. From this period begins a period of intensive growth and weight gain. Most of the children born on this date survive. According to statistics, this figure is 9 out of 10. The weight of the future child at 32 week is about 2500 g, length - 450 mm.

33-37 weeks of development of the fetus

At this time, the baby reacts clearly to the light. He is already able to turn his head, raise it. His hairs become silky. On the 33-37 week a grasping reflex develops, and the lungs are already fully formed and ready for independent "work".

At 37 weeks the fruit is ready for birth. Every day, he collects 30 grams of fat, around his nerves formed a protective shell. The cartilage of the nose and ears during this period is hardening. If a woman has this first pregnancy, then, as a rule, she takes care of the rest of the term.

Fetal development from 38 weeks before childbirth

A baby in this period is already considered mature. He has well developed more than 70 types of reflex movements. His skin is pale pink due to a sufficient amount of subcutaneous fat. The skin on the head is covered with hairs up to 3 cm long.

The baby already clearly senses the mood of the mother. When she is calm, calm and he, when, for example, the mother worries or is in a noisy company, the child can protest with active movements.

The nails already protrude beyond the fingertips, the cartilages of the ears and nose are rather dense and elastic. The boys have the testicles already lowered into the scrotum. Girls have small labia covered with large ones. The weight of the child during this period reaches 3600 g, the length is about 520 mm.

After birth, the baby perfectly remembers the rhythm of my mother's heartbeat. That is why to calm a crying newborn can be an ordinary attachment to the chest in the heart.

Patience to you, future moms, health and optimism!

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