The influence of alcohol on conception

How does alcohol affect conception?

To begin with, according to many studies conducted by scientists, alcoholic beverages, in any quantity extremely negatively affect the reproductive function of the woman's body. The fact is that alcohol has a very negative effect on female sex cells. And if the male sperm are refreshed within two months, the female eggs can store harmful substances that have been ingested with alcohol for several years. From which it follows that even a single use of a large amount of alcohol by a woman can lead to serious violations of the childbearing function.

That is why, during the child's planning period, it is recommended to start a healthy lifestyle, and at least six months before the planned pregnancy completely give up alcohol. Naturally, completely abandon the harmful products, to lead a healthy lifestyle and not allow yourself any weaknesses is very difficult, but to limit the use of alcoholic drinks still need. And this applies to men as well. After all, regular consumption of beer, which is so loved by men, even in small doses reduces the number of spermatozoa and their activity by 18-22%. Especially if alcohol is consumed by a teenager during puberty. It is alcohol, in most cases is the main cause of male infertility.

It is important to note also the fact that already in the first day after drinking alcohol, a decrease in hormonal activity is observed in almost all men. At the same time conception, which occurs during the period of alcoholic intoxication, in the overwhelming majority leads to the development of pathologies in a future child. And the problems can be observed immediately in the first months of pregnancy or several years after the birth. Therefore, do not be surprised if a child who was conceived in "drunken intoxication" found anatomical or physical defects.

How much alcohol can cause serious consequences?

No one can definitely answer this question. Everything depends on the individual features of the metabolism in the body. Therefore, the pathology of the fetus may manifest as a drunken alcoholic, and a woman who consumes alcohol in moderation. The most correct decision will be a complete refusal of alcohol during pregnancy planning, but during pregnancy you can afford 100 g of natural dry wine with little or no risk. But not more than 100 grams, two or three times for the whole pregnancy!

In addition, you should not panic if you used alcohol, not knowing that there is a child inside of you, because the pathology of the fetus is, as a rule, chronic use of alcoholic beverages. Just try not to allow noisy festivities with a bottle of wine and take on a healthy lifestyle.

In conclusion, I would like to sum up that alcohol and conception are naturally incompatible concepts. But only if you or your partner too often allow yourself a glass - another. In the event that alcoholic beverages are consumed only for large holidays, you should not worry. The main thing is not to plan the conception of the child during this period and take care of contraceptives.

Take care of the child's future even before conception, so you do not have to run around the doctors and worry about the baby's health after his birth!

Take care of yourself!

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