The left side hurts during pregnancy

What to do, if the left side hurts during pregnancy?

For correct diagnosis, it is necessary to clarify the nature of the pain and the location of its localization. Because in the abdomen there are many different organs, tissues, structures and so on. And every organ that is in it can get sick. Conditionally the abdomen is divided into four parts: the right side from above and from below, the left side from above and from below. Pain in the side during pregnancy can be evidence of many diseases. If the sharp pain in the side arose suddenly - this is a very disturbing sign, especially if it lasts more than 30 minutes. It is necessary to call the doctor without delay or to move to the clinic. After all, perhaps, pregnant women need urgent medical help. Especially if she has a pain in her left side.

In the left upper abdomen are the stomach, pancreas, spleen, intestinal loops and the left part of the diaphragm. The pain in this part may be associated with the spleen, which is very close to the surface of the body. The main work of this body is the removal of red blood cells from the blood. The spleen grabs them and destroys them. After that, their components pass into the bone marrow. There, new blood cells are formed.

With a number of diseases, the spleen increases, which causes pain. Because of the close location to the surface of the body, it is prone to rupture. The causes of the rupture can be traumas and various diseases, such as, for example, infectious mononucleosis. With this disease the spleen becomes larger in size and soft in consistence, which increases the likelihood of its rupture. Signal signs of rupture of the spleen is also the cyanosis of the skin around the navel (due to the accumulation of blood).

In this case, you do not have to overdo the physical loads, as well as with the weights that you raise.

Pain in the left side from the top during pregnancy can cause stomach diseases, for example, gastritis (inflammation of the stomach) or functional dyspepsia. Most often, it is painful and can often be accompanied by nausea, vomiting. Remember that the cause of pain in the stomach can be and more terrible diseases - peptic ulcer or cancer. In most cases, the woman knows about the presence of ailments even before pregnancy. But very often in the process of bearing the fetus, many diseases become aggravated.

Pain in the upper left side is caused by the diaphragmatic hernia. We must not forget that the pain in the left upper abdomen can give the pancreas, affected by various diseases and toxins. But with this diagnosis there is a very sharp pain that comes from within, is shrouded in nature, gives back. Suspect the disease of the pancreas can be if the pain is accompanied by fever, nausea.

The cause of pain in the left upper flank may also be slightly shifted in this direction due to the daily growing fetal bowel. As a result, food on it is progressing unevenly. In addition, because of the relaxing effect of pregnancy hormones on the musculature of the uterus and the musculature of the intestine, peristalsis is also disturbed. This leads to the formation of stagnation of food in different parts of the intestine and, as a consequence, to constipation.

To avoid such complications, you should eat more often, but in small portions, avoid foods that contribute to the formation of constipation, swelling. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, sour-milk products, dried fruits, coarse bread. If the feeling of heaviness in the left side continues and is accompanied by prolonged constipation, you should see a doctor. In no case can you take a laxative without the appointment of a doctor. After all, most of these drugs are contraindicated during pregnancy.

If the gestation period is small and the pain appears on the lower left, then, most likely, it is because of the uterus, which grows and presses on the adjacent organs. Very often, the pain in the lower abdomen is an alarming symptom of a threat of premature termination of a pregnancy (miscarriage). Therefore, this kind of trouble requires an urgent trip to the doctor.

Causes of pain in the left flank from below during pregnancy can be those conditions that cause and pain in the right lower abdomen (with the exception of appendicitis). Namely, infections that are transmitted sexually, with ruptures of cysts and ovarian tumors. In the early stages, pain in this area may be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy.

If the pregnant woman has a sore left side, in no case can not be treated independently.

Remember that only a doctor can determine the real cause of pain. If there is pain in the side, should consult specialists: gastroenterologist, obstetrician-gynecologist, surgeon or infectious disease specialist.

Every caring future mother, of course, is very worried about her baby. Therefore, in order not to worry about trifles, you need to take timely measures necessary to protect your health.

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