The main causes of noise in the ears during pregnancy

The main causes of noise and buzz in the ears during pregnancy

Causes of pathology

It should be noted that pregnant tinnitus is heard periodically. This is not a permanent phenomenon, not a long one. But it can grow or weaken. The increase in noise is usually noticed by women under physical stress, even if they are insignificant, for example, climbing up the stairs. Also, with nervous strains, a future mother can feel a buzz in her ears.

Causes of noise can be:

  1. Increase in pregnant blood pressure.
  2. The inflammatory process in the middle ear.
  3. Treatment with certain medicines-this way their side effects manifest themselves.
  4. Rhinitis, nasal congestion.
  5. Reduced blood pressure.
  6. Problems with the inner ear.
  7. The formation of sulfuric cork.
  8. Pathology of the cardiovascular system, neurological disorders.
  9. Toxicosis.

Women should understand that during pregnancy, it is highly undesirable to prescribe medicines yourself. Even those that are allowed are capable of causing side effects. By the way, aspirin can cause noise in the ears even in healthy people. And if a woman has problems with blood pressure, then in an "interesting" position it is necessary to eliminate the adjustment of lifestyle, diet.

When the future mother is both noisy and itchy in the ears, this can be a sign of an allergic reaction. In this case, it is necessary to be treated under the supervision of a doctor. If the noise phenomena are combined with pain, itching, and stuffiness, then such signs indicate the development of otitis or otomycosis. Sometimes the ringing in the hearing organ is associated with the accumulation in the auditory passage of secretions. At the same time, hearing impairment is also possible. The problem is solved very quickly at a reception with an otolaryngologist.

Often, noise symptoms are not at all a cause for concern. After all, they are associated with increased circulation of blood in the body of a pregnant woman. In connection with the growth and development of the unborn child, the need for the quantity of blood will also increase, so that an increased load is created on the vessels. That's why there is noise and even hum. If their cause lies precisely in the increase in the volume of circulating blood, then after birth all is normalized.

On the dangers of noise in the ears

So, it all depends on its cause. But to find out her woman herself can not. It is necessary to address to the attending obstetrician-gynecologist. This must be done urgently if the noise phenomena are accompanied by pain and pressure inside the ear, dizziness, nausea, specific discharge from the auricles. Also urgent help is needed from the otolaryngologist, if the skin around the hearing organ becomes inflamed, the body temperature rises.

What to do with a pregnant woman with ringing in the ears

It is not a serious problem if the mother does not suffer from endocrine and cardiovascular diseases.

To get rid of this discomfort, which is not a sign of pathologies, it is recommended to limit salt intake, maintain normal blood pressure, more time to spend in the fresh air, outside the city, if the permanent residence is the metropolis. It is necessary to protect yourself from emotional stress.

When a pregnant woman senses ringing or noise in her ears, you can try to plug them with cotton wool - this will ease the condition a bit. At such times it is recommended to distract yourself so as not to focus on the problem. You can read, do your favorite thing. An unpleasant phenomenon usually passes without any treatment. After childbirth, it weakens, after a week or two a woman completely forgets about such an unpleasant pregnancy companion.

So, do not panic and tune in to the serious causes of noise in advance. Consult a physician. If he assures you that there is no cause for concern, then just have patience.

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