The ninth month of pregnancy

The ninth month of pregnancy - sensations, tests, fetal development

A child in nine months of pregnancy

At this stage the baby is completely ready for life outside the mother's womb: the lungs perform respiratory movements, the baby has developed a sucking reflex as one of the main reflexes of the first year life, the digestive system is ready to begin "reception" and "processing" of breast milk.

The child in the 9 months of pregnancy can already "boast" the proportional composition of the small calf, its skin acquires a gentle pink color, and the embryo fluff of the lanugo gradually disappears from the body. Lanugo should be preserved, and with it the remains of the original grease after the birth of the child can only be on those parts of the body where special protection is required - in folds or on delicate shoulders.

By the ninth month the child already occupies a position from which will advance through the mother's birth canals, as a rule, this head presentation - "on the head" the baby will stay until the very beginning of childbirth. Now the crumb occupies the whole uterine cavity, in this connection there are practically no opportunities for active movements.

The nervous system completes its formation, the "finishing touches" are introduced. Already has a relatively good peristalsis of the intestine - it even contains the original meconium stool, consisting of broken blood cells, "processed" amniotic fluid, dead cells of the intestine and skin. A certain amount of iron has accumulated in the liver of the child, however, while it is still in the maternal tummy, the liver keeps on "storing" - it will be needed to perform the normal function of the hematopoies during the first year of life of the baby. The heart is ready to enter the work in the new conditions: after the birth, the hole in the central septum closes, thereby circulating blood through the lungs - now the lungs are still excluded from the circulatory system, because the baby does not yet breathe "really", although the lungs make respiratory movement.

In the ninth month, testicles may be dropped into the scrotum of male children, in rare cases, boys may be born until the process ends. Also, the immune system of the child has not yet completed its formation, the process of its formation will continue after childbirth: now the child receives antibodies from the mother's organism through the placenta, after the birth will "extract" them from breast milk.

By the time of the birth of babies come with completely different indicators of weight and height. Thus, the weight of a full-term mature baby can range from 2,600 to 3,600 g, the growth usually reaches 48-54 cm.

Sensations and well-being of a woman in the ninth month of pregnancy

In the ninth month of pregnancy, for a couple of weeks before the birth, a woman suddenly feels, that it became easier to breathe: the baby's head sank into the pelvic region, the uterus no longer presses on the lungs, respiration is facilitated accordingly. But at the same time, it is possible that instead of difficulty with breathing, there will be a feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen, a dull pain in the pubic region, groin or inner thigh, which is related to the pressure of the baby's head on the nerve endings.

As the uterus still presses on the bladder and stomach, rapid urination persists, and constipation and bloating can accompany a woman to the end of pregnancy. The swelling can still be felt, the risk of developing varicose veins is also high.

By the end of pregnancy, the nature of vaginal discharge changes - they become thicker and contain more mucus, in which blood veins can be observed. More often such phenomena appear after internal inspection or physical affinity with the spouse.

The belly does not increase in size in the ninth month, but the skin on the abdomen can be itchy unbearable. It is necessary to treat the skin with special means against stretch marks, especially since now they can show up even overnight: many mothers tell how they went to bed with a smooth and "clean" belly in the evening, and woke up the next morning with red stripes on their skin.

By the end of pregnancy it is quite possible the appearance of symptoms inherent in the early terms, namely - dizziness and fainting. But now they do not appear as a result of the woman's stay in a stuffy room, but more often because of clenching the genital vein, when a woman rests on her back. That's why, including, in late pregnancy experts recommend sleeping on their side, preventing the development of "vena cava syndrome".

For the last month of pregnancy is characterized by some absent-mindedness, inertia and forgetfulness. At the same time, literally on the eve of childbirth, "explosions" of energy, hyperactivity, when emotional and physical fatigue give way to gusts of apartment arrangement - the so-called "instinct of nesting" - are not uncommon.

The ninth month is considered heavy, and for the reason that now, due to cardinal changes in the body, it hurts and snatches here and there - pains are present in the back and waist, under the ribs, painful sensations arise in the pelvic region and buttocks, at the bottom of the abdomen, legs at night reduces painful spasms, become noticeably more painful than uterine contractions & hellip; It remains to suffer quite a bit - all these unpleasant phenomena will disappear after the birth of the baby, and they will be replaced by new troubles and sleepless nights of a completely different nature.

Harbinger of births in the ninth month of pregnancy

It has already been mentioned that, from the ninth month of pregnancy, childbirth can begin in any of the next four weeks. Moreover, it is impossible to calculate accurately and unambiguously the day when the baby "decides" to leave his mother's tummy, no doctor will take it - even on an ultrasound, the woman is only given an approximate date of birth.

But, at the same time, the approach of the coveted "hour X" pregnant woman will prompt the so-called harbingers of birth. Some of them have already been discussed, namely: about the lowering of the abdomen (when the crumb is moving head towards the pelvic area) and on the increase in urination.

In addition to these mentioned signs of approaching births, the soon emergence of a child into the world can "signal" some decrease in body weight. The loss of 1-2 kg in a few days (weeks) before delivery is explained by hormonal changes, in addition, it can happen due to a decrease in appetite and loss of some fluid.

The fact that the birth is not far off, you can find out by the removal of the mucous plug. So, as the cervix matures, its canal opens slightly, and the mucous plug comes out of the cervix, which closes the canal during the entire pregnancy. On the passage of the mucous plug, the woman finds out by finding a lump of colorless or yellowish on her underwear, with veins of blood or blood-colored mucus.

As long as the body completes the "preparation" for the birth in every possible way, it is necessary to prepare as much as possible for this important event: finally decide on the maternity home, prepare all the things you need after the birth (underwear and clothes for yourself and your baby, a bag with cosmetics and hygienic supplies). When leaving home, a woman should always have a passport and an exchange card.

Nutrition in the ninth month of pregnancy

In the last month of pregnancy, it is necessary to pay attention to the organization of proper nutrition: from what and in what quantities do women now consume food, the process of upcoming childbirth and well-being of a baby.

So, on the last stages of pregnancy, it is recommended to completely exclude from the diet allergen products, which can cause the development of allergies in the child. In addition, it is necessary to refuse soft unpasteurized cheeses, pates, canned products, which can become a "source" of intestinal infection.

It is necessary to "correct" the usual pattern of eating foods containing calcium (primarily dairy and cottage cheese). If, during the second half of pregnancy, the need for calcium is indeed significantly increased, its excessive consumption in the last few months may subsequently be affected by the rapid closure of the fontanel in the child and the associated increase in intracranial pressure. To provide the body with calcium in the right quantities, from now on, 1-2 cups of yogurt or 150 grams of cottage cheese are enough every day. As for cottage cheese - it is better to give preference to home-made and not very fat cottage cheese, giving up cheese sweet masses.

By the ninth month of the diet, fried, fatty, salty foods, sweets and buns should completely disappear. Although fish and meat are still necessary, however, in the last month of pregnancy, the consumption of these foods is recommended to be significantly reduced - meat and fish reduce the elasticity of the perineal tissues, which causes painful childbirth and possible ruptures.

"The main emphasis" in nutrition is now better done on vegetables and fruits, cereal cereals with a small amount of lean meat or fish. In vegetable salads it is useful to add olive oil and lemon juice, refusing to dress salads with mayonnaise.

Dishes should preferably be steamed, baked or stewed, boil down. Hot food should not be eaten, it is better if it is warm or cold. Take food slowly, chewing it well. You can drink a glass of water before eating - to feel faster saturation and improve digestion. That's just the water must be without gas - soda is now banned.

Sex in the ninth month of pregnancy

Is it possible to have sex in the ninth month of pregnancy - determine the doctor who leads the pregnancy. In occasion of, whether intimate relations are possible or probable last month, there are rather ambiguous opinions. So, some experts recommend abstinence from physical intimacy in the last weeks of pregnancy, because sex can provoke birth before the due date. Other experts are not dangerous in that, that mom and dad admit sex in the ninth month of pregnancy, do not see. Of course, provided that there are no serious contraindications to physical proximity, in particular, the presence of a threat of premature birth, leaking amniotic fluid, low placental location, multiple pregnancies.

In general, it is up to the doctor to make a decision about the possibility of sex in the last month of pregnancy. If the expert was given a "red color", you should choose the most comfortable sex poses that exclude pressure on the mummy's stomach. The optimal position is the posture on the knees or on the side.

By the way, sex can be one of the methods of natural stimulation of childbirth, if the baby "linger" in the tummy longer than the deadline. So, in male sperm contains substances called prostaglandins, The ability to soften the cervix and cause its contraction.

Analyzes and examinations in the ninth month of pregnancy

On the ninth month, a woman will have to visit the doctor weekly. At the meeting, the doctor assesses the general state of health of the pregnant woman, measures weight and blood pressure, examines the limbs for the expression of edema. In addition, mandatory urine tests are performed to measure protein and sugar levels.

Visits of the doctor provide for an assessment of the preparation of a woman and a baby for childbirth: the specialist listens to the heart of the baby, determines its position and size, the height of the uterus, examines the cervix to assess the degree of its maturity.

At the beginning of the ninth month, during a vaginal examination, the doctor may also take a swab to study the flora. If any changes are found, the woman will be recommended emergency preventive treatment.

If the pregnancy is "delayed", the term "exceeded" in 40 weeks, and the birth does not even begin, the doctor will conduct a second examination. If there is no progress in maturing the cervix, the woman will be advised to go to the hospital, where measures will be taken to artificially create a favorable background for the onset of labor.

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