The norm of the antimulylerovaya hormone in women

The norm of the antimulylerovaya hormone in women

What is AMG?

To begin with, note that this hormone is both in women and in men. By the way, if antimulylerov a hormone in an organism of the woman carries out one functions, in an organism of the man - absolutely other. For example, in the male body it promotes the formation of genital organs and is most actively developed until puberty. Antimulylerov hormone in a woman is produced in the ovaries from the time it appeared until the onset of menopause (menopause). This hormone is special in that it is not controlled by gonadotropins (luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone), and it is not influenced by the menstrual cycle. A certain amount of antimulylerova hormone in the body of a woman indicates that she is able to become a mother.

It is proved that the amount of AMG in the body of a woman is not affected by lifestyle, nutrition, or any other factors. And even the age of a woman does not play a role, because it happens that a 45-year-old lady does not have the follicular supply, while a 25-year-old girl no longer has her own follicles.

Abroad, the level of this hormone begins to follow when a girl reaches the age of twelve or fourteen. It is from this period that AMH begins to manifest itself in the female body. Once the level of anti-Muller hormone begins to drop, the girl is offered to freeze her eggs by cryopreservation. Especially such procedure is recommended before carrying out of operations on genitals or chemotherapy. Such actions allow preserving the reproductive function in order to be able to give birth to own biological children in the future.

What is the norm of antimulylerova hormone in women of childbearing age?

AMG reliably shows the actual number of existing follicles. And this is very important in planning pregnancy, because you can find out the number of eggs ready for fertilization in the ovaries in women at a certain time.

As a rule, the norm of this hormone in adult women is from 1 to 2.5 ng / ml. It happens that due to some diseases the amount of antimulylerova hormone in the body is reduced or increased. Some diseases with its help can even be diagnosed.

The analysis for antimulylerov hormone is given, usually on the fifth day of the menstrual cycle. If AMH exceeds the norm, this may indicate granulosa ovarian tumors and polycystic ovary syndrome. Often this signals a significant delay in the sexual development of women. By the way, this is also true of men.

But sometimes increasing AMG is only good. The fact is that this significantly increases the chances of having a baby in case of artificial insemination. This indicator is 2.5 times higher than those women whose antimulylerovoy hormone levels are normal or below normal. This is explained by the fact that the increase in the hormone is proportional to the number of eggs that are ready to develop embryos. Nevertheless, when the level of AMG in the body of a woman is much higher than normal, on the contrary - infertility may develop.

The situation when the antimulylerov hormone is below normal, signals the imminent approach of menopause. In young women, a lower level of AMH may result from overweight or premature sexual development. Moreover, it has already been established that it is absolutely impossible to raise the level of this hormone with the help of medical methods. In the case of an artificial increase in the indices of this hormone, there will be no real results, since this will not add new healthy eggs to the ovary. The most unpleasant and sad thing is that if initially AMG is produced incorrectly, then a woman can not become a mother even if she undergoes a multifaceted treatment. All because, that in such a case the ovaries of a woman simply can not produce the right ovum that can be fertilized. But in many situations, to achieve a positive result, it is necessary to deal directly with the causes of diseases.

Preparing for delivery of AMG

A woman who is going to take AMG should know that, three days before taking blood for analysis, she must completely exclude intense physical activities, in particular sports training. It is also necessary not to succumb to stress, as this affects the secretion of gonadotropins. If a woman has suffered any acute illness (for example, ARVI or influenza), then it is necessary to postpone the trip to the clinic. And yet: at least one hour before taking blood to determine the anti-Muller hormone you can not smoke, eat and extremely undesirable to drink.

How is the hormone test performed on antimulylerov?

On the day of the test, the woman comes to the clinical laboratory. There, with the help of a sterile system, the necessary amount of venous blood is taken from her. It determines the level of antimulylerovogo hormone. The deadline for this analysis is 2 days.

If the results of the tests received do not fit into the boundary norms, do not panic. For a start, you need to go to the doctor's office, which sends hormone to the antimulyler tests. In addition, consultations of narrowly specialized specialists, in particular endocrinologists and reproductologists, will be necessary. An accurate diagnosis can be made only by a professional, and even then after a thorough (often repeated) examination.

It is not necessary to let out of attention that fact, that during the laboratory tests any error could have occurred. Or, which is also quite likely, the results could be affected by the woman's non-compliance with the rules for preparing for the analyzes.

Antimulylerov hormone and in vitro fertilization

Passage of analysis to determine the level of antimulylerovoy hormone is mandatory before the procedure of in vitro fertilization. Knowing the real indicators of this hormone, you can more or less accurately calculate the ovarian reserve of the body, that is, the number of eggs that are capable of fertilization. And from this directly depends on the choice of the program, which must be fertilized. The results also depend on whether IVF will be carried out with the native eggs, or whether it is necessary to use donor ones. If the level of the hormone is low, often in the process of stimulating ovulation it is possible to get cells with poor quality, which makes the process of fertilization impossible. Or, on the contrary: at high indicators of AMH in case of carrying out of stimulation of ovaries with the purpose of reception of mature ovules the syndrome of a hyperstimulation of ovaries can develop. This condition is quite dangerous for the female body.

Unfortunately, in the modern world there is a tendency when young women with low levels of antimulylerovaya hormone come to medical centers, who need to undergo in vitro fertilization with donor eggs. In comparison with the realities of a decade ago, now the number of such appeals has increased several times. Doctors say, that one of the main reasons for this state of affairs is the frequent operative interventions on the ovaries, which ultimately reduces the follicular reserve of the woman.

All of this once again convinces us that health must be protected from the youth. Do not be thoughtless about your own health. And then in the future you will not have problems with conceiving and bearing a baby. And those who, unfortunately, have already encountered the problem described above, we advise you not to give up, because faith in a better and stronger desire works miracles. Be healthy and let your dreams come true!

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