The pubic bone hurts during pregnancy

Why the pubic bone hurts during pregnancy

In the list of complaints that future mothers are turning to a doctor for advice, their place is taken by a complaint about what the pubic bone hurts during pregnancy. And such a situation can also be both a variant of the norm, and point to some problemy, arising on the background of pregnancy. Whatever it was, if the pubic bone hurts during pregnancy, it is advisable to visit a specialist and jointly determine whether there is any risk associated with pain of this nature, or whether it is an ordinary preparation of a woman's organism for the birth in the near future the future of the long-awaited baby.

So why can there be pubic pain during the period of bearing a baby? In the second half of pregnancy, short-term and insignificant pains of the physicians explain, first of all, by softening the bones and joints of the lone articulation for a more "comfortable" passage of the baby through the mother's birth canal. If you turn to anatomy, you can determine: pubic bone is a twin bone (consists of two lone bones), which is one of the three bones that form the pelvic bone. Among these three bones, the pubic bone is the anterior pelvic, has the shape of a bead, and the thickness is about the thumb of the hand. So, when pregnant - in the second half, the pubic bone, like every part of the female body, is also kind of preparing for the forthcoming birth. Namely - falling under the influence of the hormone relaxin, slowly softens, and with it the places of fusion of the lobes, ligaments and cartilage become soft. Thus, the pubic bone becomes supple and mobile, which is necessary for the upcoming delivery and facilitating the "journey" of the child through the birth canal.

But it happens that the pubic bone hurts during pregnancy, somehow very much, not giving the woman peace of mind and bringing the maximum inconvenience. The pain can increase during walking, flips from side to side on the bed, with the legs lifting. For reasons of pain, the woman's gait usually changes (looks like a duck). Such symptoms can indicate symphysitis - a divergence of the bones. To establish such diagnosis it will be possible only on visit of the gynecologist, the traumatologist and the surgeon, probably, ultrasound of a lone articulation is also required. For what reason there is a symphysitis in this or that case, doctors are difficult to answer, while inducing a number of very different reasons. Thus, symphysitis may be a consequence of an excess of relaxation in the body of pregnancy or a lack of calcium, and the result of hereditary or acquired problems with the locomotor apparatus of a pregnant woman.

However, the symphysitis is not a pleasant diagnosis, in the case of its definition, even a caesarean section may be needed: with a strong divergence of the frontal bones, a woman will not be able to give birth in a natural way, since in the future this will "turn around" with a complete inability to walk alone. But the Simphysite does not threaten the child, and this, of course, can not but rejoice.

If in case the pubic bone hurts during pregnancy, a symphysitis has been established, an orthopedic bandage will need to be worn and physical exertion will be avoided in order to avoid an even greater divergence of bones. Also, it is not superfluous to adjust the diet - eat more calcium-containing foods, and just drink calcium in addition. In order not to provoke severe pain, it is necessary to limit activity - to walk less and lie more often, while in the sitting position it is not longer than half an hour. With severe pain, it is allowed to take Noshpu, and with constant pain doctors can advise you to go to the hospital. The possibility of a natural birth will be assessed by 30-32 weeks: natural births can be resolved if the discrepancy does not exceed 10 mm, the fetus does not differ in size and the pelvis of the pregnant woman has a normal size.

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