The reasons for the absence of ovulation

For what reasons can ovulation be absent?

The physiological reasons for the absence of ovulation include the period of pregnancy and lactation, as well as the period of menopause. Normal, it is considered the lack of ovulation during pregnancy, since the menstruation for this time terminates and the process of egg allocation is naturally impossible. Ovulation in nursing mothers may also be absent due to the fact that the body of the nursing mother increases the level of the hormone prolactin, which, in fact, is responsible for the production of breast milk.

The total absence of ovulation occurs during menopause, and this is quite normal. At the same time, since the age of 30, the number of ovulation per year is significantly reduced, so the older the woman, the harder it becomes for her to become pregnant.

Also, the absence of ovulation in those women who take oral contraceptives or take hormonal drugs is considered normal, since the action of these drugs is aimed at suppressing ovulation.

With the exception of the menopause period, all other physiological causes of ovulation failure respond to treatment or simply go away by themselves. Therefore, especially should not be upset. Just wait until your menstrual cycle is adjusted and with ovulation will be all right!

As for the pathological reasons for the absence of ovulation, it is usually the result of some diseases. For example: obesity, low body weight, thyroid disease, as well as many gynecological diseases. Therefore, if you suspect your absence of ovulation, we recommend that you first turn to a gynecologist-endocrinologist and undergo a complete examination for other diseases that prevent successful pregnancy.

It is important to take into account that the main signs of the absence of ovulation is not the occurrence of pregnancy within one to two years of regular sexual life without the use of contraceptives and condoms. In this case, you should see a doctor, do an ovary and a uterus, take a blood test and be examined by an endocrinologist.

If you want to determine whether there is no ovulation without a doctor yourself, you can use the basal temperature measurement method. However, if you are still using hormonal contraception, then measuring the basal temperature does not make sense.

In addition to measuring the basal temperature, to determine the presence of ovulation at home, you can use the test for ovulation, which are sold at any pharmacy.

And yet, in any case, if you suspect a lack of ovulation or the slightest ailments in the female part, we recommend that you do not experiment, let alone seek self-treatment, and seek help from a specialist. Remember - your health depends on the health of your child, so treat him with all responsibility.

We wish you not to get sick and find two treasured stripes on the test as soon as possible!

Good luck to you!

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