The reasons for the delay of the monthly

Possible causes of delay in menstruation

Physical stress and stress

So, the pregnancy test showed a negative result, you do not feel the symptoms of pregnancy. First of all, you should know that the delay is considered to be the period of the lag of the month for more than five days. If this happens once or twice a year, then this is permissible and pathology is not considered. When there are delays more often, be sure to consult a doctor and with his help to find out the cause of such a pathology, which gynecologists call dysfunction of the ovaries.

In our time, the frequent cause of delays are stress, nervous condition of a woman. They can be caused by anything: a tricky boss or illnesses of children, disagreements with the mother-in-law or examinations, dismissal from work or loss of money. If these are isolated cases, then you need to learn how to calmly perceive them, if the cause of stress is always the same, for example, the head's carousing, then maybe you should think about changing jobs?

Intense physical activity is also often the cause of a cycle failure. For example, if you decide to lose weight, go on a diet and do physical exercises, then the exercises to exhaustion may well fail. By the way, Athletes often complain about cycle failures and even have problems with childbearing. In this case, you can only advise to know the measure and not to go to extremes.

Climate change

Sometimes the reason for the delay of monthly changes is the climate change. This happens, for example, when a woman living in Moscow is leaving for Australia. And a sharp change of climate, and excessive exposure to the sun can provoke a delay in menstruation or vice versa - its premature start.

Weight problems

Scientific studies have shown that fat tissue participates in hormonal processes. Therefore, the cause of the failure of the cycle may be weight problems. And obesity and thinness can be the causes of delays. With the normalization of weight, as a rule, the cycle is restored and becomes regular. This again shows that a stable cycle is a barometer of female health, and all extremes in the form of experiments with a figure are not appropriate.


If a woman takes drugs, often drinks, smokes a lot, works in harmful chemical production, then her body can be intoxicated. The above factors negatively affect the reproductive system of women. Naturally, for the normalization of the cycle should eliminate the cause of intoxication.

Genetic predisposition

Heredity is often the cause of delays in women. If your grandmother and mother had similar problems, then it is likely that they will be characteristic of you.

The causes of hereditary failures with a cycle, unfortunately, are rarely possible to establish.

Taking medications, hormonal drugs

If you take anabolic, diuretic or anti-tuberculosis drugs, antidepressants, then it is possible that this provokes a delay in menstruation. Tell the gynecologist about the medicines that you are using, and he will pick up other drugs for you.

Hormonal contraceptives regulate the cycle, but within 1-2 months after the end of their reception, hormonal changes may appear, resulting in delays. If it is an emergency hormonal pill as a forced measure of contraception, then it is important to know the measure. After all, such drugs are a sharp change in the hormonal background. It does not pass without consequences.

Gynecological causes of delays

Gynecological diseases are the most common cause of women's monthly delays. So, tumors, endometriosis, adenomyosis, inflammatory and infectious diseases can cause a cycle failure. That is why it is important to diagnose diseases in the early stages of their development. After all, sometimes they can be fatal.

Abortion and miscarriage affect the normal course of the menstrual cycle. This is not surprising, because it is the physiological stresses for the reproductive system of women. Usually, a few months after miscarriage or abortion, the cycle is restored.


At the age of 50, ladies already feel changes in the body: menstruation becomes irregular, the nature of the discharge changes. This is the symptom of the onset of menopause, that is, the end of the reproductive period of life. But at this time you need to be especially attentive to the possible onset of pregnancy. You can get pregnant at 55, but do you need it?

So, there are a lot of reasons for monthly delays. Only a doctor can find out. Therefore, one should not rely on the advice of girlfriends and self-diagnosis. Take care of your health carefully, watch for anxiety symptoms, and then you will be able to avoid the serious consequences of monthly delays.

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