The second month of pregnancy

The second month of pregnancy - sensations, tests, development of the fetus

A woman now needs more rest and less work, more often to go out in the fresh air, watch your diet and avoid nervous shocks. As a rule, in the second month the woman already knows about her new position: menstruation ceases, pregnancy is determined with the help of special tests, and also if necessary - during the analysis for hCG and ultrasound session.

Signs of pregnancy in the second month

Even if the first month has passed for a woman under the sign of "ignorance", in the second month the signs of pregnancy almost always make themselves felt to the fullest. It is this month that very often a woman first encounters all the "delights" of toxicosis: morning sickness with vomiting is manifested with enviable regularity. A woman can be sick of sickness all day long, especially since this is facilitated by a surprisingly sharp olfactory sensation: at some time a favorite perfume or the smell of roasted onions, a woman can react except perhaps with disgust. The taste of taste is undergoing changes, a symptom is manifested, which people say "pulled on a salty".

Physical phenomena are gradually beginning to appear and atypical for the usual "nonpregnant" state. So, under the influence of hormones, the breasts seem to "pour", increase in size, the areola around the nipples become darker, the veins begin to appear under the skin on the mammary glands - a consequence of the increase in the volume of blood circulating in the body.

A possible pregnancy can be "suggested" by the changed general well-being of a woman: morning awakenings with a sense of weakness, increased fatigue and constant drowsiness, periodic fainting and dizziness.

Since hormonal changes are currently taking place in the body of a woman "at full speed", in some cases, it can manifest itself by such unpleasant phenomena as brittle nails and hair, the appearance of pigment spots or rashes on the skin.

But, of course, the most obvious, almost unambiguous sign of pregnancy, especially against the background of any other symptoms characteristic of this condition, is the prolonged absence of menstruation. Sensations and pains in the second month of pregnancy

Sensations characteristic of the second month of pregnancy can hardly be called "rainbow": the body tries to adapt to a new state and this adaptation is often accompanied by rather unpleasant symptoms. Already in the second month due to changes in the size of the uterus in the direction of increase from time to time, the digestive disorders, heartburn and bloating may appear, and there are problems with the stool. As the uterus grows in size and begins to put a little pressure on the abdominal organs, the frequency of urination increases.

In connection with hormonal changes, emotional instability is manifested: the expectant mother easily irritates, becomes whiny, can experience unreasonable fear or anxiety, as well as emotional uplift.

Of the possible problems that women face during this period, there is a varicose disease: in addition to the fact that the venous network protrudes on the chest, the woman can also detect thin dark red lines, so-called "venous asterisks", on the hips. This - a sure sign of the likely development of varicose veins, characteristic of women with a weak venous system. If such symptoms are detected in order to avoid the development of varicose veins, the pregnant woman will have to be careful: do not allow excessive weight gain; Do not sit and do not stand for a long time, more often sitting down; in a sitting position, do not put your foot on your leg, and lying down - lift your feet on the pillow. A special service will serve as special compression pantyhose.

In the second month of pregnancy, headaches may appear, sometimes even severe and prolonged, "dull". In addition, many pregnant women at this time complain of pain in the waist and abdomen. Often such pains do not represent any threat and are explained by an increase in the uterus, relaxation of the ligament supporting ligaments and spinal discs. However, it is only the doctor who can determine whether such pain is dangerous. For example, pain in the abdomen pulling and accompanied by bloody discharge, usually associated with an increased tone of the uterus, which may well result in premature termination of pregnancy - miscarriage.

Allocations in the second month of pregnancy

The second month of pregnancy - the time of "dominance" in the body of a woman's hormone progesterone. Now there is a thick mucous plug in the cervical canal: from now on until the end of pregnancy it will act as a barrier for infections on the way to the fetus.

Under the influence of progesterone at this time, it is also possible to qualitatively and quantitatively change the vaginal discharge. So, discharge in the second month of pregnancy can become more dense and abundant, opaque, acquire a whitish shade. Normally, such changes should not be accompanied by any uncomfortable sensations.

If the allocation suddenly "colored" in green or yellow, different odor, cause itching or burning sensation in the genital area, you should go to the doctor as soon as possible for examination. Such a symptomatology indicates the attachment of an infection, any of which should be treated immediately and urgently to prevent the infection from infecting the baby.

Most often during pregnancy, women face thrush, or candidiasis, the accession of infection in this case indicates the appearance of characteristic white cheesy discharge. If the thrush is manifested during pregnancy once, you should be prepared for the fact that over the next few months you may have to face this disease repeatedly - candidiasis has an insidious property to recur.

Probably the most troubling cause a woman's bloody discharge in the second month of pregnancy, and completely without reason. So, the appearance of bloody discharge, even in small amounts, and even more so, against the background of drawing pains in the abdomen, can indicate very serious complications of pregnancy. This symptomatology may accompany an increased uterine tone and a high threat of pregnancy disruption. In addition, spotting often becomes a symptom of an ectopic pregnancy - a dangerous phenomenon, which without proper response threatens to turn into a tragedy in the form of a rupture of the fallopian tube. Therefore, with the appearance of bloody discharge it is necessary to consult a specialist urgently.

Cold in the second month of pregnancy

The cold in the second month of pregnancy is still a danger: now, when the fetus is actively forming and laying its internal organs and systems, the viruses can cause irreparable harm . Catarrhal diseases with high risk can lead to malformations and abnormalities in the development of the child and even provoke pregnancy fading and subsequent rejection of the fetus.

Significantly complicates the situation and the fact that in the early stages of pregnancy to admission is contraindicated the vast majority of drugs, which also can have an extremely negative impact on the fetus. Now it is possible to be treated in case of cold only with herbs - from them prepare infusions and teas, herbs are used for washing the nose and preparing broths for inhalations. For the removal of cough syndrome, if liquefaction and stimulation of sputum withdrawal are required, Muciltin may be taken. "Pull" cough and lotions from cabbage leaves, oiled with honey and applied at night to the chest. But even with phytotherapy, doctors also recommend that pregnant women be cautious - some of the herbs are also unsafe during the bearing of the child.

And, of course, it's best to be careful of colds: to refrain from visiting places with a large accumulation of people, during periods of autumn and winter epidemics, before leaving home, lubricate the nose with oxolin ointment. And yet - eat right and have enough rest: the immunity is now and so significantly reduced, so why weaken it even more?

Temperature in the second month of pregnancy

The entire second month of pregnancy, the temperature can be observed slightly higher than the usual values, holding at 37-37.5 degrees. More, of course, it concerns the basal temperature, the increased values ??of which are explained by the effect of progesterone on the body.

In some cases, the overall body temperature may be elevated, but it is only better, if available, to consult a physician in order to avoid the possibility of any undesirable conditions with which the temperature can be related (for example, infectious diseases organs of the genitourinary system).

Although, of course, infectious diseases, as a rule, are accompanied by a significant increase in temperature, and ARVI, moreover, is also manifested by concomitant symptoms in the form of coughing, sore throat, nasal congestion, aches. However, the high temperature in the second month of pregnancy - a very bad symptom, it can adversely affect the development of the fetus, and may even lead to its fading. In this regard, the temperature must necessarily be knocked down, using warm teas from raspberry and lime-colored (raspberry and linden have antipyretic properties). With a strong increase in temperature and the impossibility of knocking it down with folk remedies, you should always seek specialized help for diagnosing, the possibility of using an antipyretic agent (most likely, Paracetamol will be recommended) and determining the need for treatment.

Nutrition in the second month of pregnancy

A significant role for the normal development of the child and well-being of the woman is played by nutrition in the second month of pregnancy. The motto, which should now be adhered to - rationality, balance, quality. After all, now, when the fetus is actively forming and developing, it is very important to provide it with all the necessary nutritious and useful substances, which must come from the "right" food.

In the diet of the pregnant must be present meat and fish, eggs (preferably in a boiled form), nuts that supply the body with proteins and amino acids. To normalize the intestine, fresh vegetables and fruits, dairy products are recommended. Vegetables and fruits, as well as juices based on them, will also provide the body with vitamins and minerals, special attention should be paid to green vegetables and greens: they contain folic acid, which prevents the development of malformations of the nervous system of the fetus.

Consumption of flour products from first-class flour, baked goods, desserts, confectionery delicacies should be limited - these products "overload" the body with easily digestible harmful carbohydrates and promote fast weight gain, which is undesirable for a pregnant woman. But the source of the "right" complex carbohydrates will be cereals and cereal bread, cereals; sweets will replace dried fruits and jujube in small quantities.

In general, you can eat what you want: the body always tells you what it needs at this or that stage. Just do not over-zealous with food, eat more often, but in small portions, switching to 4-5 meals a day. Both for own good and for the sake of the future child it is necessary to monitor the quality of food - sweet soda, semi-finished products, fast food, smoked foods and fried foods are now not the place on the table.

It is desirable that the last meal took place a few hours before sleep - so there will be more chances to avoid morning sickness. And with poor health in the morning you can cope immediately after awakening by drinking a cup of tea and eating a cracker or cracker. Snacking is desirable, even without getting out of bed, for this, cookies can be prepared in the evening, putting on the bedside table next to a mug of tea.

Sex in the second month of pregnancy

Usually deterioration of the general condition of a woman during this period of pregnancy, "chronic" fatigue and drowsiness, sharp mood swings do not particularly contribute to sexual activity. If the desire of sex from time to time a woman overtakes, you should clearly be sure that there are no contraindications to physical intimacy.

Doctors strongly refrain from intimacy, if the uterus is in tonus and there is a real threat of miscarriage, and even more so if pregnancy has already occurred before pregnancy.

But, even in the absence of contraindications, sex in the second month of pregnancy must necessarily exclude sudden movements and deep penetrations. The future dad should be as cautious as possible, showing maximum tenderness and affection. And in the case, if due to poor health the woman is not located in the sexual proximity, the spouse will have to "pacify the flesh" for a while and wait a little with the manifestations of love. And already in the near future the woman will repay the beloved fully: when the unpleasant symptoms of the early pregnancy period pass, the libido of a woman wakes up with a vengeance.

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