The size of the yellow body during pregnancy

The size of the yellow body during pregnancy

The main task of the yellow body is the production of female hormones of progesterone and estrogen. Progesterone creates favorable conditions for the implantation of a fertilized egg: it forms the necessary hormonal background, in which the female organism will not reject the "stranger", and prepares the uterine epithelium for colonization. Also this hormone is necessary for the production of milk in the future. He also blocks the onset of the next ovulation. Progesterone is called the hormone of pregnancy and, as we have already said, the yellow body responds to its production.

The size of the yellow body during pregnancy is largely due to the amount of hormones it produces. At different times, the size of the yellow body is not the same: it continues to increase in the first weeks, reaching the size of a large cherry, and then gradually decreases and disappears, as the placenta ripens, taking over all its functions. This occurs on average at 10-16 weeks of pregnancy, although in some women the yellow body survives until the very end of pregnancy.

It is possible to detect the yellow body and estimate its size during the passage of ultrasound. Specialists consider as the norm the size of the yellow body during pregnancy in the range of 10 to 30 millimeters. If it is less or more, then, most likely, it is a question of some kind of violation: insufficiency of the yellow body or its cyst.

Lack of a yellow body in pregnancy

The lack of a yellow body is called its low functional capacity, that is, a condition in which the yellow body can not cope with its direct duties, which is due to low progesterone production. Deficiency of progesterone leads to the fact that a fertilized egg can not gain a foothold and is rejected by the uterus: a miscarriage occurs. If she managed to be implanted, then against a background of a lowered level of progesterone, there is always a high risk of rejection. In addition, at any time, placental insufficiency may develop.

The insufficiency of the yellow body is considered by obstetrician-gynecologists as a pathology and is necessarily amenable to correction. To do this, hormones are used.

Cyst of the yellow body in pregnancy

If the size of the yellow body during pregnancy exceeds the permissible norm, the doctor will immediately suspect the cyst. Why the cyst is formed on the yellow body, it is not possible to ascertain reliably yet. Physicians are considering several versions, none of which have so far received scientific confirmation. However, quite often during pregnancy, women are found cyst of the yellow body: it is diagnosed during the passage of ultrasound.

The yellow body cyst does not pose any danger to pregnancy, to a woman, or to a baby. This temporary benign education, which independently resolves itself to the second trimester or soon after delivery, therefore, should not serve as an excuse for unrest. The only inconvenience: it can cause uncomfortable and even painful sensations, intensifying during sexual intercourse (note that passionate love pleasures can provoke cyst rupture, so it is necessary to show delicacy during sex).

Survive about the size of the yellow body during pregnancy is not necessary in any case. As you can see, the state can be corrected, if it is necessary, so that your crumb does not threaten anything. Be calm and reasonable: do not panic for anything. But do not reject the help of doctors: very often timely intervention of specialists helps to save the long-awaited pregnancy. Let it take you until the last day you intended, without a hitch!

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