The stomach is scratched during pregnancy

Why is the stomach scratched during pregnancy?

What doctors say

Through the years, itching during pregnancy, including especially in the abdominal region, was not generally considered an excuse for excitement. What is surprising? The dimensions increase, the tummy grows (even if you do not notice it), and the skin stretches. This process is naturally accompanied by itching.

However, in recent years, scientists have decided, just in case, to double-check how much carelessness in this matter is justified and justified. Large-scale studies were conducted, the result of which made a new look at the itching during pregnancy. Today, doctors caution: if the stomach is itchy during pregnancy, this can be evidence of liver disruption. Itching can accompany hepatitis, cholecystitis and other serious diseases. In this case, it extends to the entire abdomen and other areas: arms, legs, chest, back. "Hepatic" itching increases by night, has a pronounced character and can be accompanied by burning. With cholestasis, the feet and brushes are the most common. The condition is dangerous, first of all, by the fact that it can cause fetal death and a number of complications. For the development of cholestasis (or cholecystitis pancreatitis) during pregnancy, women with cholelithiasis, previously suffered from hepatitis A, with chronic cholecystitis, predisposing before and during pregnancy hormones, and pregnant with twins, who bear the boy and women over 32 years old.

Of course, if something is wrong with the liver, then first of all it should be shown by tests. Therefore do not neglect planned visits to the gynecologist and always tell him about all the changes that disturb you, including the fact, that the stomach is scratched during pregnancy.

If the tests are normal (usually if a biochemical blood test is suspected, liver tests (AST, ALT, bilirubin), ultrasound of the abdominal cavity organs), it is hardly worth worrying about. The abdomen during pregnancy has the right to itch. But here doctors specify: if this itching is associated with skin stretching, then it is slightly expressed and localized in small areas of the abdominal skin.

We should not forget that always and practically anything in a pregnant woman can develop an allergy, which, among other things, can be manifested by itching.

What pregnant women say

It is often in allergic reactions is the cause of stomach itching, if you believe the reviews of pregnant women. Very often, future mothers do not tolerate synthetic, woolen and other tissues, and also react to cosmetics even if they have used them for a long time without any consequences (do not forget that the hormonal background of the pregnant woman is constantly changing). A high risk of developing an allergic reaction is represented by seafood and other goodies.

Many women do not do anything at all, when the stomach is scratched during pregnancy. After a while, the itching passes by itself. Even very intense intense itching can develop against a background of absolutely normal tests, according to the testimonials.

In addition, in many cases, therapeutic prescriptions can be avoided if the diet is adjusted. So do not overload your liver.

Whom to listen to and what to do?

Hepatitis or cholecystitis of pregnant women can not be missed if you regularly visit a gynecologist and pass all planned studies. Therefore, there is no reason to worry when the tests are normal.

In fact, very many mothers suffer from the fact that it itches the stomach during pregnancy. In most cases, discomfort appears in the third trimester, but it happens in the first and second. To ease your condition, follow some tips:

  • Observe hygiene, take a warm shower regularly using hypoallergenic drugs.
  • Do not wear synthetic and other irritating clothes and clothing, including tightly fitting to the body.
  • Avoid staying in high humidity and high temperatures.
  • Daily moisturize the skin with a quality cream. It does not have to be a cream against stretch marks (it is believed that if you have a predisposition for their education, then no "miraculous" cream will help). Just apply on the skin a good moisturizer or high-quality olive oil.
  • Control the quality of the foods you eat and try to prevent allergic reactions (do not lean on exotic, do not abuse, limit the amount of highly allergenic foods).
  • Eliminate fat, fried, spicy, salty foods from the diet, as well as dairy products - to facilitate the work of the liver.
  • Enter in your diet dried apricots and prunes.

In addition, doctors recommend switching their attention from piercing itching to something else, no matter how difficult it seemed. Safe itching of the abdomen goes by itself, but for a while you will have to endure this terrible sensation.

But even if the stomach is itching during pregnancy precisely because of abnormalities in the liver, then one should not despair. The main thing is to take the right measures - and you will quickly go to the amendment. By the way, this itch is attributed to the manifestations of late toxicosis, and in practice it also occurs frequently. Everything will be fine - in any case!

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