The test does not show pregnancy

Can the test not show pregnancy?

False Positive Feelings

Very much even can. It happens, we so much want to conceive a child, that it turns into a fix idea. Premenstrual syndrome is considered as the first signs of pregnancy, and occasional delay is the final argument in favor of an imaginary situation. In medicine, even there is a name for this phenomenon - an erroneous or false pregnancy.

So if you are planning a baby, then do not look for false signs, do not harass, do not rush things. To speak, of course, is always easier, but look at the situation from the other side: if suddenly you are pregnant, then unnecessary excitement and passion you absolutely do not need. Otherwise, nothing will change. So calm down and let the events go on as usual.

False negative result

However, it also happens on the contrary: pregnancy has come, but the test is treacherous silent. If doubts do not leave your soul, you will conduct the test again and again until the situation clears up. But it happens that even after 2-3 weeks of delay (and sometimes much longer!) The test shows a negative result against the background of the pregnancy. Why is this happening?

To begin with, tests are not 100% reliable. There are both false positive and false negative results. And everything has its own explanation. So, the test may not show pregnancy if:

  • it is spoiled or of low quality;
  • the gestation period is too short and the hCG level in the urine is very low;
  • Test urine is highly diluted (for example, as a result of taking diuretics or performing a test in the evening);
  • you violated the rules of the test;
  • there is a pathology of the kidney or cardiovascular system, in which hCG is not released in normal doses;
  • pregnancy is in jeopardy;
  • Pregnancy is pathological (ectopic) or frozen.

It should be said, that in fact, not so rarely does the test show pregnancy in its presence and successful development. False negative test results are more common than false positives.

What should I do?

If you suspect a pregnancy or are sure that it has taken place, but the test does not show it, retest a few days later: maybe you made a test too early. It is recommended to do this always, regardless of the results obtained, to make sure of their truthfulness. But if pregnancy does not already show the first test, the most correct thing is to do ultrasound or give blood to HCG.

Do not make any guesses about a possible pregnancy or its absence. Analysis for hCG can be done in almost any laboratory, and the results do not have to wait long. So it's better to do just that and clarify the situation.

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