The threat of termination of pregnancy

The threat of termination of pregnancy - reasons and ways of preserving the fetus

All the same statistics claim: most miscarriages happen at the time when the woman still does not even suspect about the pregnancy. There are many reasons for this! Is it possible to save yourself? And what should a pregnant woman know about the terrible diagnosis of "threat"? Doctors threatened the termination of pregnancy are divided into two types: if the gestation period is up to 22 weeks, then talk about the threat of miscarriage (arbitrary abortion), and if the period exceeds 22 weeks (up to 37 weeks), then it is about threat of premature birth. What distinguishes these states, how to suspect them, and what their outcome is - read about this further.

The threat of miscarriage: symptoms, causes, treatment

The coveted two stripes on the test, the confirmation of the doctor and the uzista - there would seem to be no reason for the experience. Here it is a long-awaited pregnancy! But, alas, everything is just beginning. The flow of information in the head of the future mother is not always comforting. What if the doctor suspects a threat? And what if these tingling sensations in the uterus are not for nothing? And what is this selection? Of course, in the first trimester of pregnancy a woman should be especially attentive to her body. Moreover, it is necessary to prepare for this "state" in advance. Cured sores, good health (both physical and emotional) are the key to successful pregnancy.

In the first weeks of the "interesting situation" it is more important than ever to observe psychological balance. Do not wind yourself, but do not miss important changes in your condition. Do not always run to the doctor as soon as something aches or pinches in the side, but also to prevent these "colic" and "whining" to a critical condition. Abdominal pain is the first sign of a threat of miscarriage in the early stages, but this pain has its own character: it is localized, as a rule, in the lower abdomen or in the lower back, a pain that draws and persists, which only grows with time. If such pain in the abdomen is accompanied by bloody discharge from the vagina - you should immediately call a doctor. Bloody discharge can also be of a different nature, but they are always harbingers of trouble. The scarlet blood testifies that the fetal egg exfoliates in these minutes, and the blood darkened - about already peeling off the fetal egg, resulting in a hematoma, which now leaks.

Before the doctor comes, you need to calm down, be sure to lie down and not think about the bad. If you can not bring your senses back to normal, then accept valerian or motherwort. And with severe pain and two No-shpy pill. The main cure for the threat of miscarriage in the early stages is calmness. Then the doctor will examine you, establish the cause of this condition and prescribe a treatment. Perhaps you will be put on a stationary "preservation", but it is not worth arguing with the doctors, especially if the reasons for the threat are serious. Usually they treat the threat with soothing (the same valerian and motherwort), antispasmodics, and hormonal drugs. Much depends on the causes of the threat, but bed rest is the main condition for successful treatment.

It is still a paragraph on the treatment of the threat to provide specialists, we'll talk about the possible reasons for this state. Unfortunately, there can be a lot of them.

  • Hormones. Failures in the work of the endocrine glands are like an inopportunity during pregnancy. And the most dangerous is the delay in the production of the hormone of pregnancy - progesterone - which is simply necessary for a pregnant body up to 16 weeks (after this period of the progesterone function takes over the formed placenta). The cause of "habitual miscarriage" is just a hormone deficiency, which is treated with hormonal drugs (Dufaston or Utrozhestan). Undesirable for pregnancy are also male sex hormones (androgens), if their level in the body rises.
  • Genetics and immunity. Most often in the earliest time, miscarriage occurs due to genetic disorders. Chromosomal and genetic mutations form gross pathologies in the development of the fetus, so the body itself rejects the "incompetent" fruit, as physicians often say - "natural selection" occurs. Failures in the immunity system are also unpredictable: the body rejects the "foreign body" (fetus) because of "unnecessary" antibodies.
  • Sores. Unfortunately, very different diseases (both chronic and sudden) can provoke a threat of miscarriage in the early stages. Chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, trichomoniasis, herpes, cytomegalovirus infection, uterine myoma, endometriosis, tonsillitis, influenza, rubella, viral hepatitis, appendicitis, heart defects and many other, disparate diseases are also a serious threat to pregnancy.
  • Emotions. Many talk about unwanted stress during pregnancy (at any time), then the stress of pregnancy will not interrupt itself. Only if there are the above reasons, stress can play a role as a predisposing factor to the termination of pregnancy.

The threat of premature birth: symptoms, causes, outcome

Many believe that if you cope with the threat in the first half of pregnancy, in the second woman and her child, threatens. Unfortunately, no woman is immune to sad events throughout her pregnancy. In the last trimester, the threat is also a frequent companion, but only spontaneous abortion can occur, and premature birth can occur. Fortunately, most of these births are still happening, physicians manage to save the life of even very small premature babies (weighing from 500 grams!), but again only if the woman on time turns for help.

In the case of the threat of premature birth, you will definitely not be treated at home. You understand that now birth can occur at any second and you should be under the care of medical staff.

Symptoms of a threat in the late term differ slightly from the symptoms of the threat in the early stages. First, the abdominal pain will now have a cramping character. Although we should not forget about the "false battles" that prepare the body for childbirth. To cause suspicion should fights with other symptoms - secretions. Now the woman should be alerted as spotting (which indicate a placental abruption), and transparent, liquid (which can talk about leakage of amniotic fluid). "Petrified" abdomen is also a symptom of the threat of premature birth.

The same reasons that provoke miscarriages in the early stages, can provoke premature birth, especially hormonal failures and infectious diseases. But there are also "specific" reasons for the threat of termination of pregnancy at a later date.

  • Pathological course of pregnancy. First of all, this includes gestosis of the second half of pregnancy (when the pressure rises, a protein in the urine is detected, edemas appear), placental abruption, (or its presentation, which complicates the process of blood supply of the fetus), polyhydramnios. All this disrupts the blood supply in the placenta and as a result, fetal hypoxia may develop. In this case, the unanimous treatment is urgent delivery. "Appoints" his doctor, based on the state of the woman and the fetus, as well as taking into account the results of the surveys (data from ultrasound and CTG).
  • Isthmico-cervical insufficiency. This complication occurs most often in women who have suffered previous traumatic births or abortions, while injuring the isthmus and cervix. As a result, during pregnancy, it is practically open and can not withstand the growing fetus, and in fact it by the end of pregnancy with special force presses on the cervix. In case of ischemic-cervical insufficiency, 16-18 weeks of pregnancy are especially dangerous, since it is during this period that pregnancy is most often interrupted. To avoid the deplorable outcome of a pregnant woman can impose seams on the cervix or in early diagnosis will appoint the necessary treatment.
  • Injuries. Especially often interrupt pregnancy can bruises, tremors, abdominal and head injuries. With the concussions of the brain (even in the "pre-pregnancy" period), one should be extremely cautious, since even old brain injuries that have broken blood circulation in the pituitary gland (the main gland that regulates the work of the "responding" for pregnancy) can come up with an "interesting situation" .

Preventing the threat of termination of pregnancy

Lovely future moms, it is important to remember that even if the danger is waiting at every corner and the reasons for the threat are a huge amount - despair in no case , and even more so "try on" all the described conditions. Even if the diagnosis of "threat of interruption" accompanies you after each visit to the doctor - it does not mean that the threat will become reality. Yes, you will have a hard time, maybe even all the wonderful 9 months you lie in the hospital walls, but soon the smile of the kid will reimburse all the difficulties and experiences.

Every second woman at least once in all pregnancy faces a threat, but even this condition can be avoided even before the onset of pregnancy. It's clear, if you fall into the so-called risk groups - your pregnancy should be conducted by a good specialist under special supervision.

And regardless of the presence or absence of a threat, remember that right now you are experiencing the brightest and most unusual days in your life. Enjoy! Pay special attention to your health, sleep and nutrition, work and walks. Get rid of bad habits, avoid negativity in your life,to flaunt, throw away bad thoughts and you will see that even the detected threat will remain only a threat, and pregnancy will end with the birth of a glorious, strong, healthy baby.

Believe it!

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