They lose their hands during pregnancy

Why are my hands numb during pregnancy?

Pregnant women often complain of migraines, pains in different parts of the body, fatigue, drowsiness, constipation, heartburn, swelling, nausea, puffiness & hellip; This list can be continued with many ailments. And also it often happens that the hands become numb during pregnancy. Is it worth worrying about this?

Tunnel syndrome in pregnancy

Women describe their feelings in different ways: in the hands and fingers, it tingles, burns, stings, swells, swells, sometimes hurts. But to all situations to approach or suit a numbness. Sometimes it seems that you lay your hand during sleep, but then you realize that your hands are numb even in a free position, and often even in the daytime. By the way, more often and most expressed this symptom is manifested at night, regarding the timing - then in the second or third trimesters.

Almost all gynecologists assure: the reasons for unrest, when your hands grow dull during pregnancy, are rare. They often hear this complaint from their wards, so they immediately calmed down: this happens to many. Most likely, the cause of numbness of the limbs lies in the so-called tunnel syndrome. This disorder is called a professional disease of computer scientists, because it usually develops because of the static load on the same joints / tendons, which today most often occurs while working with a computer mouse.

In the tunnel syndrome, the nerve in the carpal tunnel is jammed, which causes the person to feel pain in the hand, numbness and weakness in the palms. Clear, that basically the working hand suffers.

Increased swelling

Swelling during pregnancy is not a novelty or a rarity, but it's also not a norm to call them. If you notice that your hands or feet swell, you need to see a doctor to adjust the condition, since fluid retention in the body carries a certain risk to the baby's condition and your health.

Among other things, there may be sensations of numbness in the limbs. With a timely reaction, the problem can be eliminated with a salt-free diet. Remember that the amount of fluid consumed does not affect the formation of edema, as previously thought.

Osteochondrosis and numbness of the hands during pregnancy

It is possible that the hands become numb during pregnancy due to osteochondrosis or osteoporosis. This disease affects more and more young people, and the period of gestation of a child is the time when all obvious and hidden sores come out, especially chronic ones.

Osteochondrosis and other spinal injuries (in particular, herniated intervertebral discs) can be the cause of numbness in the arms during pregnancy. This is due to the pinching of the nerve that comes from the spinal cord to the arm. And more often and most of all, the little finger and ring finger become numb.

The hands may not be dull with cervical arthrosis or as a result of simple muscle strain in this area. A woman should spend less time in a sitting position and more often do warm-up and neck massage.

Other causes of numbness in the arms during pregnancy

There are a number of diseases and disorders, in which one of the accompanying symptoms may be just a numbness of the limbs. Hands can be dumb with diabetes, metabolic disorders, worsening of blood circulation, trauma or infectious and inflammatory disease of the cervical arm.

An aggravating factor is weight gain and a decrease in motor activity during pregnancy.

Perhaps you do not have enough vitamins or minerals, for example, magnesium, calcium or iron (numbness of the hands can accompany iron deficiency anemia).

It should be noted that these are only possible diseases that can accompany numbness of the hands. The probability of any of them increases if you have faced a problem before pregnancy. However, during the period of gestation, the symptom most often does not represent a woman any threat and passes by itself.

If your hands grow dumb all the time and cause severe discomfort, then consult your doctor about this. Perhaps he will prescribe an analgesic or anti-inflammatory ointment or send you for an additional examination if he sees it necessary.

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