Things in the maternity hospital for a child

What things need to be taken to the maternity hospital

For the most convenience, we suggest that you create three bags at once. In one will be stacked things that will be necessary for you during childbirth and immediately after them. In the second place everything, what will be needed for the duration of stay in the hospital, and prepare the third for an extract. And in each of these bags there will be a separate package - for the child.

So, what will your kid need in the first days of his life?

In the "maternity" package, collect the following necessary things for crumbs:

  • disposable diaper;
  • diapers - 2 pieces (calico and flannelet);
  • body or underwear;
  • Sliders;
  • bonnet or thin cap;
  • Socks.

These things for the child you take with you to the hospital immediately when you go to give birth.

In the second package, add up things for the child in the hospital, which you will be given after the birth:

  • disposable diapers for newborns for 2-5 kg ??- 1 pack;
  • cotton swabs and discs;
  • baby wipes;
  • cream from diaper rash or powder;
  • liquid baby soap;
  • Moisturizing cream for children;
  • green, hydrogen peroxide, calendula tincture (for processing the navel);
  • electronic thermometer;
  • manicure scissors with blunt ends;
  • diapers - 5 pieces cotton and flannel (even if you are not going to swaddle crumbs);
  • pajamas - 3 pieces of thin and warm;
  • Mittens-anti-scratch - 2 pairs;
  • socks - 2 pairs;
  • a knitted hat or cap - light and warm;
  • several removable sets of clothes top + bottom (sliders + blouse) or 2 diapers for each day;
  • Body;
  • overalls-sleeping bag on buttons or a snake in front (on a season);
  • disposable diapers or an oilcloth in the crib;
  • a blanket with a duvet cover or a terry towel;
  • Small towels or tissue wipes.

In addition, you may need a bottle and a dummy. If you do not plan to feed or finish dopaivat kid, as well as give him a pacifier, you can do without them. But just in case, perhaps, it will not hurt (and in some maternity hospitals the bottle is included in the list of obligatory things) - then grab the brush too.

Separately, prepare a package with children's things, which the baby will need for discharge, - their relatives will bring you on the last day of stay in the hospital or on the eve of sending home:

  • disposable diapers - 2 pcs. ;
  • overalls-sleeping bag cotton - on buttons or a snake in front (on a season);
  • a thin cap of cotton or a bonnet;
  • socks (by season);
  • calico and flannel diaper;
  • overalls-envelope with the whole bottom - terry or winter insulated (according to the season);
  • cap for the street (seasonal);
  • bow or ribbon for "gift wrapping" (optional);
  • cloth tissue or handkerchief;
  • car seat for newborns, or a carrying bag, or a cradle from a stroller (for transportation of the kid in the car).

For convenience, put children's things in separate packages, each of which is placed in a separate bag with your "maternity" things, and sign them so that in a hurry they will not be confused.

It should be said that in each separate hospital there are internal rules and regulations. It is likely that on the first day you will not be allowed to bring any of your personal belongings with you: already in the hospital you and your newborn will be given sterile clothes and necessary supplies. Or in the maternity hospital there is a hardened list of things for the child - compare it with this and correct it. The list may differ depending on whether you are practicing mums in your maternity home with a newborn or not.

All these questions should be clarified in advance, if you already know where you will give birth. In any case, it's better to prepare and think things over beforehand than later to drive a dumbfounded daddy around the shops and try to explain what you need. Moreover, all children's clothes need to be washed beforehand with a special children's hypoallergenic phosphate powder and ironed on both sides, by steaming them. Regarding the size of things from the first children's wardrobe, then take 56-62-th.

If you just returned from the hospital and can share your impressions and experiences, then all the visitors of the site will be very grateful to you for this. What from the list offered was useful to the little one in the hospital and what, perhaps, was not enough? Thank you.

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