Thrush after delivery

Thrush after delivery - reasons, symptoms, treatment

Symptoms of thrush are, first of all, white cheesy plaque, itching and irritation, painful urination.

Exacerbation of thrush after childbirth can be associated with a change in the hormonal background that the body suffered. That is, the natural balance of the microflora is disturbed and provokes the reproduction of the fungus. In addition, if during pregnancy, the milkwoman can not be cured in time, then it is likely that after the birth, except for the mother, this disease will be transmitted to the baby. This is due to the fact that during the passage of the child through the birth canal, the candidate fungus penetrates the child's body. As a result, the baby develops a thrush of the mouth, and when breastfeeding, the fungus again affects the body of the mother, causing irritation of the nipples.

All these phenomena, of course, are very annoying, but one should not worry, since thrush is easily treatable. In addition, if the thrush has occurred during the period of breastfeeding, then do not throw or interrupt it. It is enough simply to undergo a course of treatment, both to the mother and the child. And for this you should contact the specialists for help. Well, in order not to worry about the thrush and not become a hostage to its consequences, it is best to take preventive measures in time.

So, during pregnancy and after childbirth, carefully monitor the oral hygiene. For the prevention of thrush and in order to alleviate its symptoms, you can rinse the mouth with a weak solution of soda.

As for the thrush, which is developed in the vagina, then preventive measures recommend thorough and regular undermining of the external genitalia. In addition, properly selected underwear will help prevent the development of thrush. Therefore, it is important to consider that underwear should be made from natural materials, and not from synthetic fabrics.

It's important to know, that limited consumption of foods with a high sugar content also prevents the development of thrush. In addition, products with live cultures of lacto- and bifidobacteria can alleviate the symptoms of thrush.

And of course, remember that careful hand washing is the key to preventing many diseases, including thrush. And after childbirth, when on the hands of such a defenseless baby, the hygiene of the mother should be under every second control. In addition, in order to prevent the spread of the infection and the risk of re-infection, during the treatment of thrush and after treatment necessarily boil the towels and thoroughly iron all the underwear.

In conclusion, we note that treatment of thrush should be under careful medical supervision, but preventive measures can be carried out independently and at home. It is strongly recommended not to engage in self-treatment and in time to contact a doctor. Thus, you will save your health and the health of your baby. Good luck to you!

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