Thrush on early pregnancy

Thrush on early pregnancy - reasons and treatment

Thrush at the beginning of pregnancy is quite common. But it's not necessary to do anything on your own, otherwise the results of the smear (which you will necessarily be sent by your gynecologist) will be inaccurate. And without it, curing the ailment does not work out.

There can be many reasons for the development of the disease: hormonal disorders, decreased immunity, consumption of sweet and flour foods in large quantities, stress, beriberi, chronic and infectious diseases. Thrush often occurs due to taking antibiotics or contraceptives. A favorable background for the development and exacerbation of candidiasis is pregnancy, when hormones change in the body, the chemical environment in the vagina becomes more acidic, and the immune system weakens.

Symptoms of thrush during early pregnancy

The main symptoms of yeast infection: redness, swelling of the mucous membranes, itching and burning (intensifying after sexual intercourse, water procedures, at night), whitish curdled discharge with a sour smell or without it.

But similar complaints occur with a number of other infections. Therefore, the final diagnosis can only be made by a doctor based on the results of the analysis. If the disease began less than a month ago, then it is easy to treat. What about if you are expecting a baby?

There are many drugs that successfully treat thrush during pregnancy. But their use is contraindicated and prohibited in the early stages. The same applies to all kinds of douches. In the first weeks of pregnancy thrush, as a rule, is not treated - it does not affect the course of bearing a child. In the case of the appearance of pruritus and abundant secretions, a limited list of drugs is prescribed.

To cope with unpleasant sensations will help washing with a solution of soda (1 liter of boiled water 2 tsp soda - morning and evening) or 3% hydrogen peroxide (peroxide creates an acidic environment in the vagina, in which yeast-like fungi do not breed). Many people are helped by yogurt: just swab a tampon and insert it into the vagina for the night. The only condition - kefir must be very fresh!

You can try folk methods to combat thrush, taking into account all contraindications. Effective they can not be called, but they will not cause any harm. Herbal infusions should be used only for compresses and podmyvaniy (but remember about possible allergic reactions). For this purpose, birch buds, celandine, juniper, chamomile, bark of oak, spores, leaves of nettle, yarrow, leaves of rosemary and sage and other plants. To prevent thrush during pregnancy (and not only):

  • always wear loose comfortable cotton underwear (many favorite synthetic thongs provoke the development of fungi)
  • stick to the basic rules of personal hygiene (wash your hands every time after the toilet and come home from the street)
  • refuse to eat sweets and flour, because they provoke the process of fermentation in the body, and this will only help the disease to escalate
  • change your personal hygiene products (gaskets, tampons) in time
  • do not take ga me sex without a condom.

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