Tincture of motherwort during pregnancy

Tincture of motherwort during pregnancy is good, contraindications and risks of use

The properties of motherwort positively affect the body of a pregnant woman and eliminate many manifestations of stress. These include sedative, cardiac, anticonvulsant and diuretic properties. In addition, taking the motherwort tincture, you can significantly improve the digestive tract and avoid manifestations of toxicosis. However, most often the motherwort is prescribed to pregnant women as a sedative. In addition to calming the nervous system, the motherwort also relieves colic and gas, eliminates nausea, improves blood circulation. Tincture of motherwort is prescribed and with hypertension of the uterus.

It is important to know that tincture of motherwort has no contraindications to use during pregnancy, especially in the form of decoction and tea. In addition, during the overexcitation of the nervous system, it is recommended to place the motherwort grass next to the pillow or spread the herbal pads throughout the apartment.

One of the easiest forms of motherwort is tea in bags. But the tincture of this herb has a very good curative effect, especially in combination with valerian and hawthorn. The only thing that should be considered when taking a tincture of motherwort, so this is the content of alcohol in its composition. However, getting rid of ethyl is very easy: you just need to drip the tincture on the heated spoon, then the alcohol will evaporate easily.

Now let's move on to advice on taking a motherwort tincture and the recommended dose for certain disorders.

So, to eliminate nervous excitability, you should drip 10 drops of motherwort, valerian and hawthorn into a glass of water. Take such a "cocktail" you need at least 2-3 times a day.

When colic and bloating, use the dry herb of the motherwort and add 1g of herbs to the prepared meals.

In the case of hypertension of the uterus, doctors recommend using this recipe: combine 30 g of hawthorn berries with the herb of the motherwort, add 20 g of cranberry leaf and mix all the ingredients. Then take two tablespoons of the collection and add a glass of boiling water to them, then cook for 15 minutes under the closed lid. At the end of the time, filter the broth, top up the boiled water and drink the resulting broth in three meals. Take should be 20-30 minutes before eating.

Given all the above recommendations, you can easily avoid stressful situations and improve your body. Be healthy!

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