Tincture of water pepper after delivery

Tincture of water pepper after delivery - when and why apply?

About the composition and use of the plant

The main purpose of tincture of water pepper in the postpartum period is the acceleration of contraction and restoration of the uterus. Use this drug and with opened bleeding.

Components of water pepper are substances with healing properties:

  1. Glycosides - they accelerate blood clotting.
  2. Tannins with bactericidal properties.
  3. Organic acids - their constituents reduce the fragility and permeability of blood vessels.
  4. Vitamin K - it also helps stop bleeding.

All these components of the plant help women with postnatal hemorrhoids, restore hair. In the period of breastfeeding tincture of medicinal herbs helps to cope with painful and profuse periods. Prescribe the drug and with hypotension of the uterus. In folk medicine, water pepper is used to treat malaria, bladder problems, stomach ulcer, diarrhea, skin diseases, headache, rheumatism, chronic colitis.

Decoctions and extract of medicinal herbs are used as an astringent, anti-inflammatory and soothing agent.

Note that after giving birth tincture can be used solely for the purpose of a gynecologist. He should prescribe the duration of use of the drug, its dosage.

As practice shows, obstetricians-gynecologists are prescribed to give birth to water pepper to reduce the uterine muscles as a blood-restoring agent. It is allowed for breastfeeding. Therefore, women should not interrupt lactation during treatment with this drug.

Limitations and side effects of the drug

It is worth knowing about possible side effects of the drug. Among them, dizziness and headache, nausea. If a woman is worried about such feelings, then taking the tincture should be stopped and inform the doctor about it.

Have a drug and contraindications. These are kidney diseases (nephritis, glomerulonephritis); arterial hypertension; cystitis; heart diseases; chronic constipation; individual intolerance to the plant.

About preparation and use of tincture after birth

In some instructions, the medication is indicated that it is forbidden to take it during lactation. And yet, doctors prescribe to their patients this medication. Water pepper is not dangerous for breastfeeding. Interrupt breastfeeding during the period of drug use is not necessary.

Once the tincture of the medicinal plant was prepared. You can do it now, especially since the grass is quite common. So, it is necessary to prepare 25 grams of dry raw material, grind it, place it in a clean glass container, pour 100 ml of vodka or alcohol, cover with a lid. The dish for insisting should be removed to a dark place for two weeks. Every day you need to shake the contents of the container. After this period, the raw materials are poured, the liquid is poured into glassware. It must be stored at room temperature. Take the prepared tincture to reduce the muscles of the uterus or bleeding should be 20-25 drops 3 times a day after eating.

Sometimes this tool is used in the treatment of postpartum haemorrhoids in women. In this case, the drug should be taken on 30 drops 3-4 times a day for 30 minutes before meals. Tincture of water pepper is not used in the local treatment of hemorrhoids. It is taken only inside. The agent acts as an anti-inflammatory, from the inside strengthens the venous walls. It is better to use it for small hemorrhoids and in parallel to maintain a diet.

And yet, doctors recommend that women use after the birth of a ready-made pharmacy tincture of a medicinal plant. After all, it is very important to use for therapy only the grass that is harvested in July-August, properly dried. Pharmacy products meet these requirements.

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