Tivortin during pregnancy

Tivortin in pregnancy - instructions for use, reviews

Due to the fact that arginine is an important protector and regulator of intracellular metabolic processes, it influences the vital functions of organs, as well as tissues that protect them when critical situations occur. Also, this amino acid has cytoprotective, antioxidant, antihypoxic, anti-asthenic and detoxifying effects. To a certain extent, it also contributes to the maintenance of the hormonal balance in the blood.

Indications for the use of the drug Tivortin during pregnancy

Conventionally indispensable in the human body, the natural amino acid arginine has the ability to increase the blood plasma insulin (the hormone of the pancreas), which is very important in pregnancy. The very nature provides for increased production of arginine during pregnancy, but, unfortunately, this does not always happen.

The reception of "Tivortin" during pregnancy is prescribed in cases of development of such pathologies as gestosis (better known as late toxicosis) and preeclampsia (severe form of late toxicosis).

Future mothers who have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes (gestational diabetes) may receive a "Tivortin" to prolong their pregnancy to the full term of the fetus.

Pregnant women who have undergone a 7-day course of taking Tivortin, Improvement of the general condition was noted, as well as stabilization of arterial pressure in patients with mild pre-eclampsia. "Tivortin" affects the condition of the vascular tone of both the arteries of the umbilical cord and uterine arteries.

The content of free L-arginine rises in the second trimester of pregnancy, and after birth it drops to the level observed in nonpregnant healthy women. It is the decrease in the required level of L-arginine in the blood of the expectant mother that is directly proportional to the severity of such a serious complication as preeclampsia. In this case, the use of Tivortin will be effective and effective.

"Tivortin" is a certified drug and is approved for use in pregnancy.

In obstetrics, "Tivortin" is successfully used in the emergence of such pathological conditions as the threat of interruption, hypoxia of the fetus, as well as when there are various problems with the placenta.

Cautions for the use of Tivortin in pregnancy

You should not start taking the drug alone without consulting a doctor.

The use of "Tivortin" is justified in cases where the need for it is higher than the potential risk to the fetus, since it is possible to penetrate it through the fetoplacental barrier.

Data on the use of "Tivortin" in breastfeeding are absent.

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