To soar your legs during pregnancy

Can I soar my legs during pregnancy?

Soar your feet - it's to keep them in hot water - from 40 to 50 degrees - for 10-30 minutes. There are two reasons why a woman resorts to such a procedure. The first one is a cold. Very much the guy of legs or foots helps or assists to cope with an illness and to facilitate signs. In this case, the thermal procedure is strictly forbidden during pregnancy, because to achieve the desired effect, water really should be very hot. Another reason is foot care, that is, a pedicure that involves soaking the feet in warm water. But here it is just not about too high temperatures. It is quite possible to hold your feet in warm water for a short time, and to enhance the effect should be added to it a little soda.

But there is another reason why a woman can resort to hot foot baths (as well as hot baths in principle). This is an attempt to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy. It was to this method our ancestors resorted to cause an arbitrary abortion at home. It is very sad if a woman makes such a decision. And she should know: it is not at all a fact that miscarriage will happen, since all organisms and their reactions to stimuli are very different. For the fetus it is very extreme, but not less dangerous for the mother. It may well be that such a procedure will cause severe bleeding, which will entail other problems.

If you are interested in a question solely for the purpose of not harming a future baby, that thermal procedures are especially dangerous in the first days of pregnancy, when the embryo tries to catch on the uterus, and the latter perceives it as a foreign body and is not always ready to accept the "stranger". Hot foot baths can provoke bleeding, miscarriage, premature birth (especially in the pathological course of pregnancy). In addition, with a strong heating of the legs, blood flows from the brain down, which can cause its oxygen starvation and provoke a faint. Any impact on the reflex zones located in the feet, find a response in our body. The effect of hot water on the feet can cause even an increase in the placenta to the uterus.

Situations when you need to soar your legs, in life, in fact, not so much. And then, the definition of "necessary" sounds very categorical. Therefore, try to avoid this risky procedure. But the cool baths using various plant extracts perfectly relax the legs, help to relieve fatigue and in general are very useful for the body as a whole.

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