To stand during pregnancy

To stand during pregnancy

Indisputably, vitamin D is necessary for any organism. We all know from the school's bench, that you can get it from the sun. But are artificial UV rays contributing to the formation of vitamin D? In fact, yes - the solarium compensates to some extent to us the lack of sun. But there are also conflicting opinions.

Given that the devices for artificial sunburn appeared relatively recently, serious scientific research in this direction was not carried out. Therefore, an unequivocal answer to the question: whether you can sunbathe in a solarium during pregnancy - you do not get. Of course, doctors in order to avoid risk will advise you to give up such an effect on the body. And even give a number of arguments. For example, for a pregnant woman this can be fraught with the appearance of pigmented spots and a general malfunction of the immune system. But overheating during the procedure can seriously affect the fetus: because babies are not yet "working" protective sweating. And even there is an opinion that this can lead to inferior development of the brain. Undesirable effects on the baby are also UV-protective agents: through the skin they penetrate into the placenta, that is, get to the baby. It is clear that the more often this happens - the more harmful the consequences. It should also be remembered that through the damaged areas of the skin, more cream or lotion is ingested.

There are also many other contraindications: varicose veins, sensitive skin, mastopathy, diabetes mellitus, "female" diseases, thyroid gland failure, hypertension, threat of miscarriage & hellip;

If you are all right and there are no taboos to visit the solarium, then you can safely sunbathe yourself in pleasure! So not everyone believes, but many mothers and even specialists. However, the advice on "acceptable" terms is very different: some say that a visit to the solarium is safe until the 4th week of pregnancy, others are sure that up to the 36th, it's only necessary to cover your tummy with a towel - and no fears!

Whatever you decide for yourself, we advise nevertheless to adhere to the general rules of visiting solariums. Remember: it is better not to undernut than to overdo with the dosage. Before making a decision in favor of beauty or health, answer yourself to the question, is it not possible, but is it necessary to sunbathe in a solarium during this blissful and unique period for a woman? And be healthy!

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