To whom to pray, to get pregnant

How should the saints pray to become pregnant?

The instinct of motherhood is inherent from birth in every woman. Some of them get pregnant immediately, while others for years are hammered by the thresholds of the centers and clinics in the hope of conceiving a child. Today's development of medicine makes it possible to become pregnant through in vitro fertilization. But not every woman perceives and accepts such a chance. Not everyone can decide on the adoption of another's child.

Therefore, the last hope of a desperate young woman is the appeal to God. But, unfortunately, not everyone knows who needs to pray for the gift of motherhood, how to do it and when.

Prayer is your communion with God, the Holy Scripture says. Therefore, it is not so important where this communication takes place: within the walls of the church or at home. Wherever you lead this conversation, it is important how to do it. Sincerity and faith in handling requests for motherhood will help you realize your dream.

The Most-Holy Theotokos is the patroness of all mothers and children. Therefore, she will be your best helper and intercessor. Address her in the morning and evening in your own words, sincerely ask for the gift of motherhood. She will certainly hear your requests! It would be good to ask for help of the icon of the Mother of God "Healer". If you are married in the church, then in your home must be the icons of Jesus Christ and the Mother of God, who were at the ceremony of the wedding. It is to this icon of the Virgin that you should turn to help. Pray often, pray sincerely, and then the icon, which was blessed by your marriage, will bless you and the continuation of the family.

The icon of the blessed Matrona is considered to be the intercessor of all women, mothers, sisters. You can buy such an icon in the temple, hang it in your bedroom and treat it with prayers. Perhaps it will be a small icon that you can wear in your purse or put under your pillow. At every convenient moment, pray to Matrona and thank her for hearing you.

Ask for help in giving you the child of the Virgin Mary's parents, the Virgin Mary Joachim and Anna. Also, pray in prayer to your Guardian Angel.

Women who want to have children need to attend church services every Sunday - Liturgy. Buy candles, light them before the altar, while sincerely turning to God, the Mother of God, all the saints for help in giving you a miracle of motherhood and patience.

There are many stories on women's forums about how prayers helped desperate women become pregnant. Some read for 40 days the Akathist to Nicholas the Miracle-Worker, others read "The Prayer of the Spouses of Children Who Do not Have Hears," the third went to churches and monasteries, ordering prayer services for a good deed. Still someone prayed to Xenia of Petersburg. Today's mothers remember that, as they recently persuaded their husbands to attend church services with confession and communion. And God heard their prayers, granting the priceless miracle of the birth of children. And experienced doctors and professors after that just got their hands on it. . .

Do not forget that you need to pray in silence, having kissed before your own cross and crossed. You can light a candle in front of the icon. Most importantly - do it with all your heart, put in your words love, hope and faith. And after a while you will surely make sure that your prayers are heard, and the desire is blessed in heaven!

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