Tonsillitis in pregnancy

Tonsillitis during pregnancy - signs, symptoms, treatment

What is tonsillitis?

Tonsillitis is a chronic process, accompanied by a constant, quite strong pain in the throat. It's no secret that the tonsils that are in our throat are a kind of protective barrier to the human body. That's why they almost always take on the first "blow". Knowing about the presence of tonsillitis, most often, women try not to pay any attention to this disease. So do not in any way impossible. With tonsillitis you need to be cautious and have an intense struggle with it, besides, the sooner you do this, the better.

Symptoms of tonsillitis

Symptoms include throat swelling, pain, general weakness and fatigue, a slight increase in body temperature, a cough that is often dry, and a feeling of a foreign body in the throat. Not only that these symptoms can not be called pleasant, they provide a lot of inconveniences and significantly worsen the well-being of pregnant women in general.

What is dangerous for tonsillitis for pregnant women?

Tonsillitis can harm not only the passage of the period of pregnancy, but also the fetus itself. The presence of tonsillitis, in the first place, very often becomes the cause of toxicosis in the late stages. Also, this disease can provoke a miscarriage. Intrauterine infection of the fetus is also possible as a result of tonsillitis. Virtually all pregnant women with tonsillitis, immunity is very weak. As a result, the body can not withstand many other diseases. According to clinical experience, tonsillitis very often provokes premature birth and is the cause of weak labor activity. That's why women who have a chronic form of tonsillitis often make a cesarean section.


Doctors around the world advise to treat tonsillitis even before pregnancy - this will be the best option. Do not once again endanger yourself, nor, especially, the child. But, if you could not do this before pregnancy and now you need to be treated during it, then, first of all, seek help from your doctor who will choose the safest medicines for you. After all, you should know, that the use of drugs during pregnancy should be extremely limited.

Often to combat this disease during pregnancy, doctors prescribe such drugs as Tantum Verde (spray) and Lisobakt (tablets for resorption). These drugs have both anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

There are cases when doctors appoint antibiotics to pregnant women, explaining their decision by the fact that antibiotics do much less harm than streptococcus causing the disease. Sometimes experts even advise to use special biologically active additives (BAA), because with their help you can not only strengthen the immune system, but also speed up the healing process.

Treatment of tonsillitis with folk remedies

To folk methods of treating this disease, including its chronic form, are addressed by many. The folk treatment of tonsillitis, as a rule, consists in inhalations, rinsing of the throat and internal intake of various natural remedies. Rooted in the people's thought that non-traditional prescriptions are able to cure this disease harmlessly, is not entirely truthful. Rather, natural herbal decoctions, oils and tinctures are considered sparing.


One of the most common means of treating tonsillitis among the people is propolis. Propolis is used as an extract or in small pieces, as well as in the form of aqueous and alcoholic solution. Such a folk remedy for tonsillitis is almost completely harmless to a woman, but some people can cause allergies. In contact with the skin and mucous membranes, propolis can cause redness, itching and burning. Use it for the treatment of tonsillitis should be extremely cautious and only after consulting with a doctor.


Chronic tonsillitis is recommended to treat with different broths and tinctures. For example, the decoction of the roots of burdock, red beet, horsetail field. In folk medicine they are also used for rinsing. Horsetail juice is also used to lubricate the tonsils. Since the tonsils are inflamed with tonsillitis, the procedure can cause painful sensations.


Some people recommend inhalation. In folk treatment, inhalations from potatoes, inhalations from eucalyptus broth, pine buds, sage and thyme, hot steam baths for the head and the like are common. It should be remembered that hot baths and inhalations should not be misused. Very frequent overheating of the body worsens well-being and harms health in general. Moreover, the head steam bath is contraindicated in case of increased sensitivity of the skin on the face, excessive redness of the face, widening of the blood vessels.


Treatment of chronic tonsillitis can be carried out using tinctures of dried flowers of peppermint, cornflower, St. John's wort, decoction and insoluble willow bark. For a good effect in the treatment, traditional medicine suggests taking them to gargle regularly. However, many of the above remedies have side effects. So, for example, the excessive use of decoction of chamomile can cause a woman to have a disorder of the menstrual cycle. Because of this, pregnant women are not recommended to use this herbal decoction.

The question, useful or harmful folk treatment of tonsillitis, remains open and controversial. Non-traditional methods of treatment sometimes have no less strong effect on the human body than standard medicine. In addition, judge for yourself: after all, based on the gifts of nature - elements of living organisms, herbs - developed medicines. However, for all their seeming harmlessness, folk remedies can be dangerous. Do not self-medicate. Health is our main value, and it is not wise to risk them. And especially this applies to a pregnant woman, who is responsible not only for herself, but also for the life and health of the toddler.

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