Totem in pregnancy

Totem in pregnancy - instructions for use, reviews

The need for iron increases during pregnancy - this is an indisputable fact. And if the stock of this microelement is not enough, the pregnant woman has to treat iron deficiency anemia. The pharmaceutical market offers a lot of preparations, one of them is Totema.

What are the advantages of Totem in pregnancy?

Totem is an anti-anemic drug that is released in the form of a solution (dark brown, with a characteristic odor) for ingestion. In one ampoule of the medicine contains 50 mg of iron (in the form of iron gluconate), 1. 33 mg of manganese (in the form of manganese gluconate), 700 mg of copper (in the form of copper gluconate), as well as glycerol, dextrose liquid, sucrose, citric acid, sodium citrate , sodium benzoate, polysorbate 80, caramel dye, "tutti-frutti" flavor, purified water.

It is due to its composition that the Totem differs from other iron-containing drugs and is considered a more effective preparation, both for treatment, and for the prevention of anemia in pregnant women. Iron without copper and manganese in the body will not assimilate, and will not perform its functions, since all these elements - iron, copper, and manganese - participate in the hemopoiesis, although their relationship has not been fully studied to the end.

During pregnancy, many doctors prescribe Totem even for the prevention of possible anemia, since the drug does not have a negative effect on the fetus, and is also well tolerated. Side effects are extremely rare in the form of heartburn, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation. Against the background of the reception of the Totem, staining of the feces can be observed black and darkening of the enamel of the teeth. To avoid the latter, you need as little time as possible to keep the remedy in your mouth.

The above symptom may also indicate overdose, but to them weakness, hyperthermia and convulsions are added. If, God forbid, this happened to you - you need to immediately rinse your stomach with baking soda, and to avoid severe poisoning you can inject intravenously Deferoxamine. Avoid this situation is possible, if you do not resort to self-treatment and take Totem strictly according to the doctor's prescription, and not the girlfriend "by position."

Totem in pregnancy: how to take?

The most important thing: Totem pregnant (for treatment!) is prescribed only with a confirmed diagnosis of "iron deficiency anemia", but for prevention Totem is prescribed in smaller doses, since pregnancy is one of the reasons for the development of iron deficiency, since right now the body will resort to its reserves of everything useful. During pregnancy, a woman needs up to 1000 mg of iron, which is spent on the construction of the placenta, on the fetus, on the increase in the size of the uterus, as well as on the increase in hemoglobin and the increased metabolism.

So, for the prevention of Totem appoint from 4 months of pregnancy - 1 ampoule per day. The reserves of iron in the body will not be restored until 4-6 months later. For the entire period of pregnancy a woman has to repeatedly give blood for any tests that tell about the deficiencies of the body. And if you suddenly get diagnosed as "iron deficiency," the doctor will increase the dose of Totem to 100-200 mg of iron, which is 2-4 ampoules a day.

It is recommended to take the medicine on an empty stomach 10 minutes before eating. The contents of the ampoules are bred in any liquid (without alcohol, without gases, and without sugar) and quickly drink, so as not to hurt your teeth. Perhaps you will feel an unpleasant taste of iron in your mouth, but soon it will pass. Reduce the amount of tea drunk for the time of treatment, since this drink (with excessive use) suppresses the absorption of iron.

Testimonials indicate that the drug is very effective and easily tolerated. However, most future mothers prefer to replace iron deficiencies with food rather than medicine. The choice, as always, is yours.

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