Toxicosis and sex child

Is it possible to determine the sex of the child for toxicosis?

What is the definition of sex for?

The zeal of expectant mothers is explained by a number of reasons. Many women and their relatives want to prepare everything in advance for the future child. This refers to the color of clothing, bedding, the choice of toys, and sometimes even the design of the children's room. Therefore, the traditional pink or blue color is a matter of archival for such mothers. For many of them, the process of sex determination is of interest. Do the data of ultrasound, people's signs, shape and position of the abdomen coincide in this question?

For some mothers, sex determination is important in order to choose the child's name. Some women are guided by the names of respected or respected relatives, close and dear people, others - on the church calendar.

The third category of pregnant women is important to know the sex of the future baby, to communicate with him in the womb. So, girls mums sing songs, talk about some female tricks, ornaments, and boys - about daddy hobbies and cares, sometimes even from the womb orientate on some kind of sport. So, some mummies want to see their future sons football players or gymnasts and watch TV, enthusiastically telling their kid about this or that athlete. Today, this is a normal practice of communication with a child in the intrauterine period.

However, all future mothers need to know that no method of sex determination gives a 100% guarantee of accuracy. Therefore, the priority for every woman should not be determining the sex of the baby, but his health. This means daily careful monitoring of your health and attention to its changes.

Popular signs of sex determination

Our mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers never knew who they were born to before the first cry of the baby. But, nevertheless, there were signs, by which they determined the sex of the unborn child. After all, every man is important to have an heir, and women sought to justify the hopes of her husband. These signs have come down to our time. But their accuracy raises great doubts.

So, when changing the taste preferences of a woman during pregnancy determine the sex of the future child. If she regularly wants meat and sausages, pickled cucumbers and herrings, then probably the boy should wait. When a woman pulls on ice cream and sweets, chocolate and condensed milk, then such changes in taste indicate the birth of the daughter.

Often changes in the face and skin of a future mother, the appearance of pimples and eruptions, pigment spots are also associated with the birth of a girl. Ostensibly daughter takes beauty from her mother. And if a woman becomes more beautiful during pregnancy, this is associated with the birth of a son.

Often, future moms complain of an increase in hairline. An antennae appears over the upper lip, the hair begins to grow on the legs and abdomen. In some women, they darken or become thicker. This phenomenon is considered a sign of the birth of a boy.

Is it possible to determine the sex of the child for toxicosis

It should be noted that the causes of the onset of toxicosis have not been fully explored to-day. Scientists do not know exactly what it is called.

In Stockholm, a study was conducted involving pregnant women with severe toxemia in the first trimester of pregnancy. Toxicosis at this stage, by the way, happens in 30% of women. During the study, the observation was conducted for 4000 future mothers who suffer from toxicosis. These women in due time produced 56% of girls and 44% of boys. Figures indicate that early toxicosis can not be considered a sign of the girl's future birth. After all, in the figures there is no such significant prevalence that would indicate a trend. That is, toxicosis does not affect the sex of the future baby.

Many women suffer pregnancy and without toxemia. How, then, to determine the sex of the child? Different women's organisms react differently to pregnancy and on forums you can read numerous reviews about how, as with early toxicosis in women were born boys. There are reviews and the fact that the sons were born and with a constant craving for sweets during pregnancy. That is, signs of signs, and most importantly, that the child was healthy.

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