Toxicosis in pregnancy: what to do

What to do in case of toxemia during pregnancy?

After fertilization, the placenta begins to form and gradually develop with the embryo, which reliably protects the child from all negative factors. A certain maturity of such a unique body reaches after 14-16 weeks of pregnancy. And before this placenta is not so developed to protect the woman's body from the metabolic products released by the baby. Therefore, they get into the blood, causing intoxication, which manifests itself as nausea, intolerance to certain smells or certain foods. Hormonal changes occurring in the female body - another reason for toxicosis in pregnancy. The centers of smell and touch become more sensitive and excitable, which causes vomiting, nausea, or disgust for anything.

There is an opinion that a woman's reaction to hormonal changes depends on genetic factors. If the mother of the pregnant woman did not experience acute toxicosis, then the daughter will easily transfer it. There are also severe forms of this phenomenon - when in the mornings "constantly" persistent attacks of vomiting, aversion to any food, there is a feeling of nausea for some smells. And the way of life of a woman before pregnancy does not in any way affect these symptoms.

In pregnant women, who first become mums, toxicosis is observed more often. But if a woman in an "interesting position" leads an incorrect lifestyle, does not comply with the diet, then there is a high probability of toxicosis of the second half of pregnancy, which is much more serious. In this case, they speak of a complication - "gestosis". Its characteristic signs - edema, protein in the urine, high blood pressure. The stronger they are, the heavier the condition of a pregnant woman. Therefore, it is necessary to start treatment of gestosis in time, taking into account the degree of its severity in each specific situation. Usually, for the treatment use drugs that improve kidney function, microcirculation of blood flow, lower arterial pressure in a future mother.

In the first weeks of pregnancy, doctors recommend patience and try to survive signs of toxicosis. But if vomiting at all does not give rest, will reduce an intoxication and by that they will facilitate a status of the woman soft preparations of a phytogenesis. They will not harm the future baby. Their effect will be felt during the treatment period. As soon as the woman stops taking the drugs, the toxicosis will return again.

After 16 weeks of pregnancy, when the placenta has already formed, the hormonal background stabilizes, the toxicosis passes. Until this time, if the symptoms are not too sharp, you can use folk methods. For example, try breakfast in bed. Maybe, If you eat this way, you will stop feeling nauseous. Some women are helped by morning-eaten salted crackers and sweet hot tea or just water with lemon.

If a pregnant woman is irritated by food with a sharp odor, such as coffee, onions, garlic, then exclude it for a while from the diet. Different smells from food strongly provoke toxicosis, so for a while, stop cooking on the stove. To avoid vomiting and nausea, choose a cold meal that smells much less. Try to eat foods that contain protein, as it helps reduce toxemia. Use less bakery products, spicy and fatty foods, drink as much liquid as possible. Fruit and berry juices, green tea, non-carbonated mineral water, vegetable soups are most suitable. But do not drink all the liquid at once, as this, on the contrary, can provoke vomiting. Try to eat ginger (chew or put in tea in candied form). Eat more nuts, beans, fish, eggs and chicken. If you feel the approach of nausea, then suck a slice of lemon. To relieve the toxicosis, it is recommended to eat a little, but often, to drink tea from mint, which soothes the digestive system. Having eaten, do not make sharp movements. Do not immediately jump out of bed after a morning snack and do not bend down after a meal. It is better in this case to keep the vertical position of the body.

When vomiting is caused by certain flavors, do not use deodorants, perfumes, fragrant soap. If you are shaken in the car or disagreeable smell of gasoline, then use only the front seats.

You can use homeopathic medicines, but you should always consult with specialists. After all, homeopathic treatment is individual in each case.

It's good, if for the future mother, relatives and friends create an atmosphere of harmony and love, provide proper nutrition, adequate rest and enough pastime in the fresh air. Of course, toxicosis is unpleasant, but, fortunately, a temporary phenomenon. And it is in no way comparable to the joy of motherhood.

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