Treatment of acute respiratory disease during pregnancy

What and how to treat ARI during pregnancy

The main symptoms of any ARI are the defeat of the respiratory tract (runny nose, perspiration and sore throat, hoarseness, cough) and general intoxication of the body (fever, weakness, muscle pains and others).

In conditions of falling immunity of a woman during pregnancy, any of such infections is very easy to get sick. And as if the future mother did not protect herself, but OCR often does not bypass her side.

Respiratory Threats

The most dangerous infection is in the first trimester of pregnancy. Especially when it comes to a viral illness, in particular influenza. It is during this period that the risk of spontaneous miscarriage due to an infected infection is very high. But if you have been treated correctly and on time, and further gynecological examinations and studies have not revealed any deviations in the development of the fetus and the course of pregnancy, then there is nothing to fear.

In the second and third trimester, ARI does not pose a threat to the life of the child, but it can still affect its development and the course of pregnancy. Among the possible complications - the development of fetoplacental insufficiency, fetal hypoxia, the risk of premature birth. With the infection borne directly before birth, the child becomes more prone to birth trauma, the newborn can have signs of intrauterine hypoxia: lethargy, pallor, cry weak, there may be a violation of breathing. And then the baby needs intensive therapy.

But this is just one of the possible scenarios, and it's far from the most common. Basically, with timely adequate treatment, pregnant women successfully cope with the disease and give birth to beautiful healthy babies in the future.

In addition, the fetus reliably protects the placenta, including microbes and viruses. If it is properly formed, it develops normally and there are no other factors weakening its function (mother's smoking, for example), including the threat of interruption, then the baby remains safe.

Prevention of ARI in pregnant women

Although it is very difficult to protect yourself from colds and viral diseases during pregnancy, you should still try. First of all, you need to start taking multivitamin complexes for pregnant women. Balanced nutrition is not less important.

During a period of viral diseases, spend frequent wet cleanings and airing indoors, spray water and natural disinfectants (for example, a few drops of aroma oil diluted in water), and moisten the air in other ways. You can arrange on the flat plates with chopped onions and garlic.

Try not to be in places of large crowds. And if someone from the house is sick - isolate it, and you wear a gauze bandage. Viferon and 0, 25% Oxoline ointment during pregnancy is also not contraindicated.

Treatment of ARI during pregnancy

It is impossible to predict fetal damage due to a mother's infection, but it can be prevented by safe treatment.

With the slightest feeling of malaise, you should consult a doctor for the correct diagnosis. He will give you the appropriate treatment and allowable dosages. Self-medication has never been considered the best way out in case of illness, and during pregnancy this can not be said. Even treatment with folk remedies can do you more harm than good. Therefore, everything must be approached with great responsibility.

When the first symptoms of a cold appear, the feet can be rubbed with the "Asterisk" balm, the massage of the auricles, nose and wings of the nose at the point where they cross into the nasolabial folds.

If this is possible, the doctor, most likely, will advise you exactly the folk methods of combating ARI. Taking into account the peculiarities of your body and possible allergic reactions, you and the doctor will choose the safest methods for you. If, for any reason, you are being treated independently, several important points should be considered. Antibiotics, immunostimulants, traditional antipyretic drugs based on Aspirin and antiviral drugs are now contraindicated to you. Do not use alcohol tinctures. Beware of all recipes using calendula. But chamomile, sage, dog rose, eucalyptus - this is please, if there is no individual intolerance. To treat a common cold during pregnancy, it is best to choose Aquamaris and Pinosol. And with vasoconstrictive drops, be more careful. As with cough treatment during pregnancy. Remember, in the first trimester Ambroxol, Ambrobene is contraindicated. It is better to choose syrup from cough Dr. Mom or Gedelix. And if possible, then drink warm milk with honey and butter (with sore throat also helps). The throat can be rinsed, for example, with decoction of chamomile or sage, as well as sea water or ordinary water with salt and iodine. And you can buy at the drugstore Iodinol.

Among other medicines, Paracetamol or Panadol (for treating pregnancy temperature), Bioparox, Tharyngept, Furacilin may be used. But it is better, if you do not have allergies, to try aromatherapy: fir, tea tree oil, orange or eucalyptus. They can be used both for disinfecting indoor air (drop a few drops on the aroma lamp) and to protect yourself in public places (apply a drop of oil in the spout if the smell does not irritate you).

Warm drinking is an integral part of ARI treatment during pregnancy, especially in the presence of temperature. For this, green tea, fruit drinks, compotes, decoctions are good. The first trimester does not require quantitative control of the liquid being drunk. And in the middle and late pregnancy do not overdo it so that there are no swelling. Warm socks are never contraindicated. But it's very dangerous to soar your legs.

Do not forget about the good old proven method: steam inhalations. To do this, a broth of chamomile, saline, boiled potatoes.

Panic in such cases is contraindicated. Follow these recommendations and you will succeed. But after recovery, you must ultrasound (and possibly a laboratory one too) to avoid complications and disturbances. After the 20th week the doctor can refer you also to the dopplerometry - check the blood flow in the placenta. And then you will sleep peacefully.

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