Treatment of edema during pregnancy

Treatment and prevention of edema during pregnancy

Edemas during pregnancy - a fairly common phenomenon. Especially in the second half of pregnancy. When swelling, a woman feels heaviness in her legs, her hands may not grow dense, her shoes become tight, and rings are tightened on her fingers. Usually, in puffy places, when pressing, there is a fossa, which very slowly disappears. The skin of the body (in swollen places) becomes smooth and pale.

The causes of edema in a pregnant woman are different. The main one is the growing womb. It weighs on the internal organs, their large vessels, which lead to the limbs. As a result, venous outflow from the legs is difficult. Because of the pressure on the vessels of the kidneys, their function is violated, the elimination of fluid from the body slows down. Such edema is called physiological. For a pregnant woman and her child, they do not carry danger. Usually, puffiness is observed only on the legs and feet, and disappears after rest.

HThere are also more serious causes of edema in a pregnant woman. They can be associated with violations of the liver, kidney and heart. If the swelling spreads not only to the limbs, but also other parts of the body, if they do not disappear in the morning, the woman becomes difficult to breathe, blood pressure rises, a protein is found in the urine test - you should consult a doctor, go through the prescribed studies, find out the true cause of swelling and only after this start serious treatment. There is a degree of edema that is treated only in the hospital. In any case, you should understand that self-medication in this matter is strictly prohibited!

Treatment of edema during pregnancy

Foreign doctors do not recommend treating physiological edema. Domestic medicine in this matter is more cautious. Our midwives claim, that already the first stages of edema should be treated, as in 90% of cases in pregnant women, after a slight swelling, blood pressure rises and appears in the urine protein. And these are symptoms of gestosis, which is dangerous for both the mother and her child.

There are several methods for treating edema during pregnancy:

  • medical treatment of edema;
  • Traditional medicine;
  • diet.

The most common method of treating edema is a diet. Its peculiarity is only that it is necessary to exclude fried, smoked and salted from the diet. Within a day it is allowed to consume no more than 8 grams of salt. After all, it is it that delays the fluid in the body. Also, following a diet with swelling, a pregnant woman should monitor the use of fluids. Experts recommend a day to drink no more than 1 liter of water.

Traditional medicine for the treatment of edema offers a variety of tinctures. Cowberry leaf, bearberry leaf, kidney tea, field horsetail, bear ears - these herbs have a weak diuretic property. Usually during the day one glass of herbal infusion is drunk. The course of treatment is up to 1 month. But even these "easy" drugs can only be used for the doctor's prescription. After all, diuretics during pregnancy are contraindicated. They can be appointed only in extreme cases and for a short time. These drugs include: Cystone, Kanefron, Phytolysin. All these medicines have a diuretic, antiseptic, antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effect, improve kidney function. But these medicines have a lot of contraindications, side effects. They adversely affect the fetus. Therefore, in no case do not take them without the appointment of a doctor.

When treating edema, it is important to strengthen the vascular system, improve uterine-placental blood flow. This will not allow the fluid to leak from the vessels into the tissues, which means that edema can not form. Therefore very often doctors appoint Magne B6, Magneroth, vitamin E, lipoic acid.

However, the treatment of edema first of all you need to start with the right regime of the day. A night sleep of at least 9 hours, a long stay in the fresh air, walking in comfortable shoes, daily gymnastics, a healthy diet - all this should become the norm of your life.

For prevention and treatment of edema is recommended, at least once a day, take the knee-elbow position for 5-10 minutes. In this position, the uterus ceases to press on the large vessels and ureters. This improves the blood supply of the uterus, the placenta, the fluid from the kidneys "flows" into the bladder.

Also, at every opportunity, raise your legs higher. And try to rest on your side. This will help your kidneys work without interruption, and blood flow to the placenta will increase.

Health to you!

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